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Basic Shotgun Event




You can easily create Shotgun Events within the Tee Times Reservation system by using Custom Starts.

Use Case(s):

Creating a Shotgun Event.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Creating a Basic Shotgun.




Accessing the Tool

To schedule a Basic Shotgun, first access the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Next, click Add Starts.

On the Add Starts window, click Add Custom Starts.

Creating Shotgun Rules

On the Add Custom Starts window, begin adding the settings and rules for the Basic Shotgun.

Title: you may add a title for the Shotgun if desired, but this is not required.

Date: using the datepicker, choose the day of the Shotgun event.

Course: if you have multiple courses, use the dropdown menu to choose which course the Basic Shotgun will take place on.

Booking Privileges: determine who can place reservations for the Basic Shotgun event. This can be set to ProShop or Admins only, or you may allow members to book on their own accord.

Adding Multiple Start Times: use the checkbox to enable multiple start times for the event. More options will be available once this is enabled so that you can set the first and last start, along with the start intervals.

 After Selecting Adding Multiple Start Times

First and Last Start: enter the start time of the first tee and when the last tee should take place. You may type in the time or use the timepicker.

Interval: enter a time limit for when the interval for starts should occur.

Start Holes: select which Tees the start holes will begin on, or use the Select All checkbox to enable all tees.

Once you have entered in the Basic Shotgun event details, click Save or Save and Close. The shotgun will then be added to the calendar.


Downloadable Guide

Tee Times - Basic Shotgun