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PayCloud - Release Notes


Office - Batch Posting Integration

  • Updated Office Batch Posting integration to capture/include Pending payments in batch postings instead of waiting until they were fully processed and in an Approved status.

    Use Case: Prior to Pending status being introduced, payments made in PayCloud were marked as Approved, and were captured in daily Office postings.  With the pending status introduced in the prior release, payment batch postings no longer included the new Pending status payment types. This feature essentially causes the batch posting process to occur as it did prior to the release of the Pending status.

Payments - Status

  • Updated Status for Declined transactions to be correctly recorded as declined instead of canceled.

    Use Case: Previously, declined transactions were listed with a canceled status.  Now, declined transaction are properly labeled with an appropriate declined status.

Payments - Statements

  • Added functionality in PayCloud to now reject statements sent from CE Office outside of the Keep Payments range for the Club. 

    Use Case: Previously, PayCloud would sync statements from CE Office beyond the Keep Payments range set by the Club. Now, the PayCloud system recognizes the Keep Payments range set for the Club and will not sync payments that fall outside of that range.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Club & Club Admin sites when certain values could not be read from the settings cache, causing unintended scheduled task failures.

  • Fixed an issue causing an exception for Members who did not have a statement for the current period but were enrolled in AutoDraft.

  • Fixed an issue with hiding the Save button when deleting the last member from the AutoDraft table.

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