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PayCloud - Release Notes


Mobile View

    • Enhanced User experience by formatting Payment Confirmation Pages and drop down select menus on iOS.

Use Case: Users will now see a cleaner Payment layout via Mobile with adjusted spacing on payment confirmation pages to avoid overlap with the header as well as adjusted drop-down select font size so iOS Users do not zoom on focus.

Payments - Scheduled Payments - Auto Draft

    • Enhanced functionality by preventing Users from scheduling their own payments if enrolled in Auto Draft to prevent multiple drafts.

Use Case: Member has a Payment scheduled for their account, and then a Club Admin sets the same payment. Previously, the User would be charged twice for each payment. Now, added logic prevents the User from being charged twice for a scheduled and one time payment for the same date.

Payment Options - Upcoming Scheduled Payments

    • Enhanced User experience by adding a link to View Scheduled Payment History, where Users can view the Payment History page. 

      Use Case: Previously, Users were unable to access their Scheduled Payment History from the Payment Options page. Now, the View Scheduled Payment History link under Upcoming Payments allows Users to view all past scheduled payments.

Reports - Payment History

    • Added functionality for Users currently using Online Member Statements that allows for Payment History to be exported in special formats suitable for Third Party Accounting Vendors.

Use Case: Previously, Payment History was exported in a uniform format that was not always suitable for Third Party Accounting Vendors. Now, Payment History can be exported in a usable format for Third Party Accounting Vendors such as Jonas or IBS.

System - Club Settings - AR Accounts

    • Added functionality for Club Admin to change the Display Name of an Account.

Use Case: Previously, the names of the AR Accounts came from Office and Club Admins were unable to edit the names of the AR Accounts. Now, with added functionality, Admins can edit names of each AR Account, that will show on the Member Statement, within System then Club Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Member Profile that would lose the value of address/phone type when reloading the page.

  • Previous release change made timestamps on Cloud Admin dashboard show up in UTC, changed this to user’s local time.

  • Reverted version upgrade for the typeahead javascript plugin that was preventing admins from adding blogs to page templates.

  • Fixed a bug related to Axis snippets from PayCloud where the member didn’t have an email on file.

  • Fixed a bug related to blackout dates for one-time immediate payments that prevented users from making payments on dates that were not ‘blacked-out’.

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