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    1. Type in the Block Title (Optional).  This title will not be visible to the Members when booking Dining Reservations.

    2. Ensure Dining Location is proper.

    3. Template should remain on Admin Booking Only.  This ensures Members will not be able to make Dining reservations during this time.

    4. Select the start date of the date to block.

    5. Enter the 1st and last timeslot to block. Tips: The clock icon can be used to select a 30 min interval. For other intervals simply type in the time. The box is intelligent, meaning you can type in many ways such as “1310” or “110pm” for 1:10pm, or “832” for 8:32am. In other words you don’t need the “:”, or “am/pm”.

    6. Designate where the Block is to occur.  To block all Dining Rooms in the Dining Location, ensure the “Select Specific Dining Rooms?” option is unchecked, or check the “Select Specific Dining Rooms” option, and choose the “Select All” feature.  To choose specific Dining Room(s),, check the “Select Specific Dining Rooms?” option, and check the Dining Room(s) where the Block will occur.

    7. To complete the block, click the “Add Blocked Time” button at the bottom-right.