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Schedules are the base layer of tee times that tell the tee sheet what booking rules to have in place and when. For example, from 8am until 6pm have tee times every 10 mins with the standard club member booking rules.

There are 2 scheduling tools:

  • Create New Course Schedule

  • Edit Course Schedule

Use Cases:

  • Daily 8am start time every 10 mins allowing all members to book except SOCIAL members.

  • Tues Ladies Day consisting of 8-9:50am Women Only, 10am-5pm Member Booking.

  • Course Closed used every Monday except Holidays, and the Tuesdays following the Monday Holidays.
    7am open time with intervals  alternating 8 & 9 mins and a 15 min gap every 90 mins.

  • Weekend double tees during season.


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