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Schedules are the base layer of tee times that tell the tee sheet what booking rules to have in place and when. For example, from 8am until 6pm have tee times every 10 mins with the standard club member booking rules. You may use the Edit Course Schedule to change the normal tee time schedule on the tee sheet. This may be used during holidays or for special events.


Use Cases:

  • Daily 8am start time every 10 mins allowing all members to book except SOCIAL members.

  • Tues Ladies Day consisting of 8-9:50am Women Only, 10am-5pm Member Booking.

  • Course Closed used every Monday except Holidays, and the Tuesdays following the Monday Holidays.
    7am open time with intervals  alternating 8 & 9 mins and a 15 min gap every 90 mins.

  • Weekend double tees during season.


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Table of Contents
excludeSchedules - Booking Rules and Start Times


Custom Styling - is there a font or background color used to make the tee times stand out on the sheet such as for Women Only times?

Accessing the Tools

“Scheduling” tools are located under the Configuration section (top-left of the tee times dashboard). Please note, only experienced tee times admins should make changes in the Configuration area.

    1. Hover over “Configuration”.

    2. Hover over “Scheduling.

    3. Click either “Create New Course Schedule” or “Edit Course Schedule”



Edit Course Schedule: Edit/Delete Current Schedules


Once a schedule is created, it will be available in the Edit Course Schedule tool. 


Once Course and Schedule have been selected, click, “Confirm.” Be wary of the delete button! 


Course Schedule Editor 

Once a schedule is selected the “Course Schedule Editor” page loads. There are 4 main sections to this tool.


4. Front Nine & Back Nine - shows the start times and templates used in the schedule. 


Schedule Calendar - Viewing and Changing Applied Schedules 

There are two actions when using the Schedule Calendar: 


 Newly selected schedule is now active for editing.




Q. How often do I need to reapply schedules?

A. Schedules can be applied 1 year in advance so for most cases schedules should be revisited annually, typically best done in advance of the season.  If the schedules are not reset annually then the system will look at the previous month and day of week to determine the most likely schedule. For example, if the last schedule reset concluded with the Winter schedule then the Winter schedule would be in place for every day until the schedules are reset. 

Best Practices

  • Plan to review and reapply schedules annually or before each season.

  • Schedules can only be changed for days without tee times. Blocks, Add Starts, or Special Events can be used to adjust days that already have tee times.

  • Impersonate User is the quickest way to check a specific membership type or rule such as when Non-resident members may book.

  • Contact the Reservations Support Team at 512.609.7984 or for any questions or assistance with booking rules within the templates.  

Downloadable Guide


Updating Tee Times Schedules Guide