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Grids appear throughout the Office Modules and display records of data utilizing vertical and horizontal lines to subdivide data fields.  Grids provide easy access and ways to view and filter additional details and information associated with the specific records of the selected Module. Grid functionality is consistent throughout the modules.


Use Case

A Club is reviewing records of data within the Accounts Payable module, and would like to add an additional column of data to the grid, so they can see all balances for the Vendors that are over 90 days.  After adding the column, the Club would like to add a filter to the grid that will show only Vendors with balances over 90 days.  The Club would then like to sort the data by highest balance to lowest balance within the grid, and then export the data into Excel for further analysis.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Member Grid (Export to Excel, Customize Columns, Filtering, Research and Reporting).

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