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Table of Contents


The Employee module allows a Club to manage an Employee’s contact information, job codes, security, areas, and other fields pertinent to the Employee.  Within the module, new employees can be added by replicating an existing role at the club, or by adding a new position at the Club.  Additionally, employee access and status can be controlled within this module.

Use Case

A new Manager of Food and Beverage started at the Club today.  Management will add the new employee to the database, and will model the employee after the former F&B Manager.  Care will be taken to ensure the former F&B Manager (who resigned), can no longer access the database.


Table of Contents
excludeEmployee Management


The Security section contains the security matrix as assignable to the Employee.  The security summary can be viewed on the Security tab.  Note that the matrix is color coded to help identify security privileges inherited from the group (blue), or show where insufficient privileges exist (gray).  To view security matrix by Category, select the drop-down to select specific Category to view.  
Note: Please see the Security Rights Manual (Coming Soon!) for complete explanation of Category and Security Rights.