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Email Templates offer powerful ways to simplify repetitive email content, while still allowing for flexibility in content adjustment when needed. The Template is essentially the framework of the email that is to be repeated. Templates can be modified and/or edited as necessary to meet necessary Event requirements. 

Use Case(s)


Once a Member has signed the contract, the Banquets Manager sends out the “Confirmed” Email template has historically sent out a personal "Confirmation" Email to the Member outside of the Banquets system, letting them know that the Club has received the signed contract, appreciates their business, and is excited to move forward with them to help create the perfect event.


 The Club has decided to create an email template for this Confirmation email within the Banquets system, because the majority of the information is the same on every email, and it will save the Banquet Manager time, as well as ensure the framework of the language is consistent from one confirmation email to the next.


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