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At the bottom of the list of fields is a blue button titled Add New. Clicking this button will add a new row to the bottom of the existing list, and allow you to configure a new field in this View.

  7. Sorting: Allows you to configure the sorting options for records within this View. All sorting can be in either ascending order (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest) order.

        1. Enable User Sorting: Enables users to change the sort order in this View manually by clicking on the column header. Checked by default.
        2. Multi Column Sorting: Enables users to sort this View by multiple columns.
        3. Default Sort: Configures the sort order that will be applied to the records within this View by default when it first loads. More details on this below.
        4. Default Sort Always Applied: When checked, the default sort order will always apply. Any user sorting (if enabled) will only take place after the default sort. In many cases, this prevents user sorting entirely, so it is recommended not to select this option unless you want to prevent user sorting.


From here, select which field you would like to sort by. The default sort order of any given field is descending (down arrow). Click on the field again to flip the order to ascending (up arrow). You can add additional sort fields to do more advanced sorting.

8. Filtering: Configure which field(s) this View uses to filter out records, and therefore which records are displayed in the View.

    • Quick Filter Field: Choose which field(s) will be used in the search field within this View. RecordName is always enabled by default, but you can enable more fields here as needed. For example, in order to search by both Contact Name and Email address, be sure to check the boxes for RecordName and Primary Email - then the desired search criteria will check both the RecordName and Primary Email fields for a match.
    •  Show Letter Picker: Determines whether the letter picker will display at the bottom of the screen in this View. Checked by default.
    •  Default Filter: Configures to default filter for this View, so you can tailor which records will be displayed. Click the blue button titled Edit Filter to open a popup window with the filter options:

At the top of the popup window is a table in which the field(s) to be used as filters are entered. Click on the blue Add New button to configure a field for this filter. The options for each line of the filter are as follows: