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  1. Adding/Editing Fields: Be as descriptive as possible with field titles to make data entry easier in the future. Typically, if a piece of data can be described using multiple fields instead of just one, it should be, to allow for more granular reporting. For example, instead of one address field, we have 5 - Street Address 1, Street Address 2, City, State, Zip Code.
  2. Adding/Editing Views: Keep the filters in Views simple - leave the more advanced filtering options for queries/reports. Try to design your Views to display large chunks of similar records, separated out by basic identifying features, such as Status, or Contact Type, etc.
  3. Adding/Editing Layouts: Generally, it is easier for users to use a Layout that has more Sections, as opposed to those that have fewer Sections. Use Sections liberally to group like fields together. For example, have a “Prospect Information” Section containing basic identifying and demographic information about a Contact, a Section for Addresses, one for Opportunity information, and another for Spouse/Family information.


Downloadable Guide


Creating Editing CRM Fields Views and Layouts - Guide