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Table of Contents


This is a guide to assist with the installation of Netcaddy Pro on a Windows PC.

Use Cases:

This program can be used to print reservations and to back up reservations in the event of an internet outage at the club. The reservations team can also create custom reports to include additional member information for each reservation or to style the report in a different format.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Using Netcaddy Pro.


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Table of Contents
excludeRes - Installing Netcaddy Pro

Installing the Program 

  1. Determine if your machine is a 32 or 64 bit system by searching “System” in your start bar and opening the program.  Under system type, it will say either 64 bit system or 32 bit system.

  2. Download the Netcaddy Pro program here for 64 bit system, or here for 32 bit system.

  3. Run the download and click through the prompts until the program is successfully installed.

  4. Open the program. In the top right corner of the window is a preferences icon. Click this to open the Settings window.

  5. The Netcaddy Pro settings will be provided for you by the reservations team or your project manager. You will need to enter the Site ID, Website URL, Username & Password for the website, and the Facility ID.

  6. Check the box for “Netcaddy Golf" for Tee Times, "Netcaddy Reservations" for courts/lessons/spa, etc. and “Netcaddy Dining" for Dining Reservations. You may select one or all of these options if you have these systems.

  7. Make sure the "Enable IP verification..." setting is NOT checked.

  8. Save, close and reopen the program.

Using Netcaddy Pro

  1. Once the settings have been entered, open the program from the Netcaddy Pro icon on your desktop. In the top right, you will see several icons. The first icon is a filing cabinet. This will take you to the report view where your reports will be shown. You can change the reservation system and the report using the dropdowns in the top left. In the middle, it will display the date you are viewing and allow you to change the day by either clicking the arrows or the dropdown arrow to view the calendar to select the date. Days that do not have reservations scheduled will be blank.

  2. The icon will give you access to your admin dashboard.

  3. You will need to hit the Refresh icon anytime you would like to pull the latest reservation data from the website or before you print the reservations sheet. If you set the program to run on a Windows Scheduled task, Netcaddy Pro can be set to auto-refresh every five minutes.

  4. The fourth Icon is the print Icon . This can be used to quickly print the report you are viewing.

  5. The last icon is the Preferences icon . This will open the settings for Netcaddy Pro and allow you to update your settings as well as your username and password.



Q: What If I get a message saying .NET Framework Required?


 A: When the new website goes live, you will need to update the website URL to the new website URL. Open the Settings window, update the Website URL field, click the disk icon to save and shut down and reopen Netcaddy Pro. You should see your reservations again.

Additonal Issues

If you experience other issues during installation, please reach out to the reservations team by email at or by phone at 513-533-5775.


Best Practices

  1. Hit Refresh anytime you would like to pull the most up to date reservations information from the website or right before you print the reservation sheet.

  2. If you have changed your website password, you need to update Netcaddy Pro as well. Open the settings icon in the top right and clear and replace the username and password field in the settings with your current password. Save the settings and close and reopen Netcaddy Pro. Click the refresh button and the reservations should appear.


Downloadable Guide

Netcaddy Pro Installation Guide