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Establish Credit Book policies, prior to setting up Credit Book in the system.  Define when it will be issued, how long it will be valid from date of issuance, where it can be spent, and who can spend it to ensure administration of the Credit Book within the system is aligned with actual practices.

Once policies are in place, ensure periodic processes to manage expired balanced, and/or reduce balances are also in place and utilized consistently so that your Membership can rely on the Credit Book balances in the system.


When using the Credit Book Expiration Wizard, it will create a ticket that will always be visible on member statements.


Then, open a new ticket to the Member Number you wish to transfer the credit to, and select that same ‘Credit Book Sold’ item, enter proper dollar amount, then CHANGE QTY to -1- which will then create a credit ticket for that same amount and then tender that credit amount to the Credit Book tender button on the Close Ticket screen (which will add that amount of credit to that member’s credit book balance).

Downloadable Guide 

Credit Book - Guide