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As an Admin, you may need to book on behalf of members from time to time. You can book on behalf of members using the Courts Admin Dashboard Calendar.

Use Cases:

  • Assist a Member With Reservations

  • Bookings That Only Allow Admin Booking

  • Editing/Canceling Reservations for Members


This video provides an overview of how to Reserve a Court for Members.


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Table of Contents
excludeCourts - Admin Booking

Accessing the Tool 

 To access the Courts Booking Calendar, go to the Courts Admin Dashboard.


    • White & Light Blue: open and available to book. 
    • Green: reserved.
    • Dark Blue: reserved for an event (tournament, clinic, etc.).

Booking a Court 

Click on any open time slot to begin booking (open time slots are in white or light blue).


Click Make Reservation to save the reservation.


Editing/Canceling a Reservation

You can easily edit or cancel a reservation for a member by clicking on the reservation from the Court Calendar within the Court Admin Dashboard.


To cancel a reservation, simply click Cancel Reservation.



Downloadable Guide

Courts - Admin Booking