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To enable a more secure login experience for your Members, ensure the Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode setting is not checked.  This will require a Billing Member’s Number to be input along with a corresponding Member PIN to log-in to the kiosk.  



Once Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode is not checked, perform the following to log-in:

1. Choose the Club designated kiosk device (Golf Kiosk in this example).

Please Note: This step is for initial Kiosk setup only.

2. Members can then touch the POS screen to begin.

3. Enter Billing Member Number and click OK.


 8. The member will then be prompted to enter their newly created PIN. Select OK.


Find my Tee Time


Once the member has logged in, the Find My Tee Time button will populate. Please follow the below instructions:


2. An additional Screen Group can be assigned to the Kiosk if the club would like to offer a self-serve honor system snack bar. The member can select any additional items they are purchasing and select Finish.



Please Note: The above screens will not populate for Clubs without the Honor System Snack Option.  Instead, the member will be taken directly to the Payment Prompt/Step 3.  Default fees associated with Tee Times will still apply.


3. The Payment Prompt will populate asking the user to select how they would like to settle the ticket.

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Please Note: If the club is allowing the option to use Credit Cards, the club must provide the solution of a Card Reader.

4. Select Yes when finished.


Best Practices


  1. Please review the process on each POS kiosk terminal before going live, to ensure success in New Member PIN setup, as well as Tee Times, and payments.

  2. The self-serve feature can only be utilized when Clubs have the Clubessential Office POS & Accounting, Clubessential Website (Axis), and Clubessential Tee Times Reservation Products.  Please reach out to your Account Manager to confirm your eligibility to use the Self-Serve feature, if you have any questions.

  3. Please remember that the Club must provide the solution of a Card Reader if they are choosing to allow the use of Credit Cards.



Q: What if I do not currently have a POS system or if I do have a POS system, the ability to integrate?

A: Please contact your Clubessential Account Manager for details on Initial Setup, Implementation, and Price.

Downloadable Guide


Kiosk Mode - Tee Times Integration Guide