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As a staff member, you may need to book, edit, or cancel a Tee Time reservation on behalf of members. You can easily do so directly from the Tee Time Admin Dashboard.

Use Case(s):

    • As an Admin, I would like to book, edit, and cancel Tee Time reservations for members.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on How to Book a Tee Time (Members).

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Table of Contents
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Accessing the Tool

To get started, access the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

This will launch the Tee Times calendar, which mirrors the Member Tee Time Calendar.

Calendar Overview

The calendar will default to today’s date. You may change the date by using the datepickers above the calendar.


Reserved times will list who the reservation is for, along with any details on the reservation like: guests and transportation type.

Book a Tee Time

To book a tee time, click on any time that is open.


Next to each Player field there will be a checkbox which is associated with the Send Confirmations checkbox. When all checkboxes are enabled, members and guests with receive emails from the system for when the tee time is made, if edits are made, or if a cancellation occurs.

Adding Guests/TBDs/Need Player

 You may leave Player spots as TBDs if the other patron’s are unknown.


If the member would like to leave a player spot open for another member to join the game, then choose ‘Need Player’. This will allow members to join the tee time.

Tee Time Comments/Recurrence 

At the bottom of the booking window you will have options to leave Comments, Admin Notes, and set up a recurring tee time.


The page will refresh and you will now be able to see the reservation on the Tee Times Admin Calendar and on the Member Tee Times Calendar.

Editing/Canceling Reservations

 You can easily edit Tee Time reservations directly from the Admin Tee Times calendar within the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.


Click Update Tee Time once changes have been made.


 To cancel from the booking window, simply click Cancel Tee Time.


Then, click on the trashcan icon to remove the Tee Time.

Downloadable Guide

 Tee Time Booking - Staff Guide