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For ETS V3 Clients- Turn on email notifications to your Members by checking the Payment Processed and/or the Payment Error settings as shown below.  When Payment Processed setting is enabled, an email will be sent to Member confirming successful payment.  Payment Error setting generates an email to Member when payment was attempted, but not successfully processed. For Non-ETS V3, the payment notifcations are delivered by the payment processor you are using.


Payments - Upload (Statements, Credit Card, Bank Account Info)

Importing Member Data

Clubessential may Import member data for you, however, you can also import your own data. If you are transferring information over to PayCloud from your current Payment Management System, the process has been streamlined. You can now simply upload (transfer) Statements, Bank Account Information, and Credit Card Information.

To get started for each process, you will need a CSV file with your current information. Then, access the PayCloud Admin Menu and then the Payments Menu highlighted below. From here, you will be able to navigate to each section below and begin your uploads for each, Statements, Credit Card Information, or Bank Account information.


Manage your System

Member’s have the ability to set up and interact with their payment information. If they have any issues during setup or while maintaining their accounts, you can guide them through the process or complete it for them.