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  1. Formats - Use preset formatting options for paragraphs, headers, etc..

  2. Paragraph - Choose among different paragraph form structures

  3. Font Family - Select text font. Each club’s system has a default font, it is usually best to use the default font when creating emails for consistency

  4. Font Size - Select size of text font. The Font size is in points.

Second row of Icons

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  1.   Cut - Remove text or images

  2.   Copy 

  3.   Paste 

  4.   Paste as Text - Paste text, removing all formatting. Recommended paste option.

  5.   Bold Text

  6.    Italicize Text

  7.   Text Color

  8.   Background Color

  9.   Special Characters - A special array of characters can be added to the body of the template.


  • When working with attachments, Download File allows you to download the file onto a disk while the Document Quick View allows you to preview the document.




  • All new clients/PayCloud users will use this editor.  Clients still using CSWeb will use the Classic Editor.

  • The recommended option is to attach files/documents via the hosted editor.

Downloadable Guide