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Use the Up/Down Arrows to rearrange the order the items are listed.



 POS Behavior Tab


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Do not print modifiers:


Check these fields if you do not want the itemized detail to print on the member receipt. If this field is checked it will only print the Combo Name on the member receipt.


Q: How do I edit the size and color of the Item Buttons within an Item Category Button at the POS?
A: Navigate to the POS Item Button Style Tab within the Item Category and specify the appropriate size and color. Changes made on this tab will only affect the Items Buttons within the Category, not the Item Category Button.



Best Practices


  • Each Area can have different Account allocations by highlighting the Area name and entering the accounts.

  • The Tax and Service Charge percentages are determined by either the Item Category or Item Group (not the Item level).

  • Item overrides the category and group settings.

  • The Category can override the Group settings (only if the Override Group Settings is checked).

  • The Group settings will be used if there is no override on the Item or Category setting.

  • The Item level allows a cost dollar; if you have a percentage on the category level the Item cost dollar will override the category cost percent.  

  • The Grid that displays will vary from user to user; if the user is only allowed to see Retail items they will not see FNB or Billing Items.

  • You can customize your grid to display different columns. To do so, right click anywhere on the grid and select Customize Columns.  A list of Columns will appear and can be added to the grid by simply double clicking or dragging and dropping the column in question.  The columns available will vary by module.

  • For more information on grids, please click Here to navigate to our Client Facing Knowledge Base.  Grids can be found under the Interactive Reports Module.

  • Within reports you can click on the column heading to sort by any column or use the funnels to filter the information listed.

  • Another way to change the Item’s Category: Go to the Manage Items module and change within the item itself.

Downloadable Guide

Inventory Adjustment Wizard - Guide