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Table of Contents


Item configuration points transactions to the General Ledger Account for financials. All POS and Billing Items are linked to an Item such as: Scheduled Billings, Installment Billings, Store Credits, Gift Certificate, POS Transactions, etc.

In this guide you will learn how to setup Item Groups, Item Categories, and Items. Items can be used in various ways such as combos, vouchers, etc. This guide will teach the different usages of items..

Use Case(s) 

  • A Club Admin needs to create Items, Item Groups, and/or Item Categories within CMA.


Table of Contents
excludeInventory Adjustment Wizard

Accessing the Tool

The Items Module is located in the left hand navigation. See image to the right for detail.

When you select the Items module; the top left panel will list the Item Option menu(s) that we will cover in this guide. Items will open in the Manage Items tab.

Item Rules

The Item Setup consists of three tiers: Items, Categories, and Groups. All Items belong to a Category, all Categories belong to a Group.  


  • Item overrides the category and group settings.

  • The Category can override the Group settings (only if the Override Group Settings is checked).

  • The Group settings will be used if there is no override on the Item or Category setting.

Standard Icons

The toolbar above all grids list the standard icons:  


Shows date of last change, old/new values, and user who made the change.

Manage Item Groups

  Select Items, then Manage Item Groups.


When finished select Save & Close.

Manage Item Categories 


Select Items then Manage Item Categories. 


Applies to F&B POS Only. If you have POS Areas in your club that use coursing it is recommended that you set the default course for the food Categories being sent to the kitchen. The Category level is only the default and can be overridden on the Item level and overridden at POS.

Items Selection Tab

 The Selected Items box will list all Items setup for this Category. This section gives you the ability to organize the items how you want them to appear in the POS button.


To display a list of combos in the system from all categories, change the Source to Item Combo and select the Item Lookup.


  Area Tab

Select the Areas in which the items in this Category are allowed to be sold.


    • The two buttons to the far right of screen: top button is Select All the bottom button is Unselect All. 

    • The last column is called POS_Navagation; if you put a check mark for the Area it will create buttons at the top of the POS ordering screen for quick selection (see below POS screenshot).


  Override Tab

The Override Tab is only available if Override Item Group Settings is checked. When this field is checked, the Item Group settings will be ignored and the Category settings will override the Group settings.


Please Note:
 If the Accounts are grayed out like the screenshot above the Override Item Group Settings is not checked. 

  POS Button Style

POS Button Style allows for the change of the button size or font size.


    • All fields related to Color and Text are default settings for the Item buttons associated with the category. For example, I might have a POS button on my screen group design that is set to list all the items that belong to the Appetizer Category. The system will look at the button style settings and create buttons for the items based on these settings.

    • All the fields related to the Image pertain to the Category.

    • The category settings are defaults and can be overwritten on an Item level.

 POS Behavior


Print on Pay 

If checked, Items in this Item Category will print on Pay Receipts. A Pay Receipt is the receipt the server presents to a member for signature (or payment method and additional gratuities to be added).


    • If Print on Pay and Print on Settle are not checked the Items will not be listed on the receipts. The only time a club should choose not to print an item on a receipt is if it is a zero priced item. Example: The club might want to track Member Green Fees or towels that are not charged; they will ring up the item at POS for reporting purposes but do not want it on the member receipt.

    • Do not print modifiers is usually unchecked for food but is checked for Liquor. Example:  if there are additional charges for food add-ons most clubs want to show that on the receipt. However if there are extra charges for Liquor on the rocks or up most clubs don’t want that listed on the receipt and prefer to add the extra charge into the base price.  

 Print Configuration Tab

Please Note: This tab applies to FnB Item Categories Only and does not apply to Retail or Billing Categories.  
The Print Configuration Tab tells the system which Prep-Printer the items within this category are sent (Hot, Cold, Bar, etc.). The F&B Items will inherit the print configuration but can be changed on an item level.

Image 28.png


The print configuration is setup by the Clubessential Trainer during implementation.

Manage Items 

In CMA, select Items then select Manage Items.


    • Billing Items: In this section, we will cover setting up items to be used for billings such as Dues, Initiation Fees, minimums, etc. These items are not available at POS.
    • FnB Items: In this section, we will cover the fields that apply to the Food and Beverage Point of Sale.
    • Retail Items: In this section, we will cover the fields that apply to the Retail Point of Sale such as Golf, Tennis, Spa. 

Manage Billing Items

Edit an Item

Highlight the Item and double-click or select the Edit icon on the toolbar.


Click the search icon and select the GL Credit Account for income.

Manage F&B Items 

 Edit an Item

  Highlight the Item and double-click or select the Edit icon on the toolbar.


The field is related to a future feature.  Select the clearing account. 

Point of Sale Option


Default Send 

This is the description that will print on the Prep-printers (kitchen or bar). Do Not leave the field blank if the item needs to print to a remote printer….see notes on next page
Please Note: If you have Expanded Print turned on the Default Send description can only be 10 characters including spaces. The information you entered in the Name field will automatically populate the Default Send if you answered Yes to the below message when entering the name.


Example: If the club charges an additional $1 for Liquor on the Rocks, they would not want the additional charge of $1 to print on the receipt as Rocks - $1 and prefer to add the charge into the base price. 

Button Style

This area allows you to change how the item button will appear in POS.


This box previews the alignment and colors.

Print Configuration


If the POS Item needs to be sent to a prep printer (kitchen or bar) the settings in this section are what determine where the order will be sent.
The print configuration is set on the Item Category level; the Item inherits the Category settings. The default Category Print Configuration lines will appear in purple. Nothing needs to be done unless you want to override the Category settings.  


Please Note: To revert back to the default Category settings click on the Purple ball.


Modifiers give the ability to set modifications or choices for additional prep instructions on the item such as Meat Temperatures, side choices, etc. Every time the item is rung up in POS, the modifiers will prompt the server to select from the modifier group.


      • Use the Up/Down Arrows to arrange the order  

      • If the modifier group you want does not exist > click Quick Add; this will take you to the Modifier Group screen to add a new modifier. You can refer to Modifier Groups section of this manual for further instructions.


The Recipe can be seen in the main POS screen by clicking the Recipe Button and searching for the item.  
Enter the recipe in the blank area of the Recipe Box. At the top of the Recipe Box is an Editor Toolbar listing basic MSWord functions allowing for customization.


Please Note: Only servers in an Employee Group with the appropriate security rights will see the Recipe button. To activate this option, go to Employees, then go to Employee Groups and double click on the Group and put a check on Display Recipe Button at POS Terminal (see your accountant or authorized personnel to verify these changes; Clubessential cannot change employee security rights).

Manage Retail Items

To Edit an Item:

 Highlight the Item and double-click or select the Edit icon on the toolbar.


The field is related to a future feature.  Select the clearing account.

Golf Rounds Setup

If Round of Golf is checked it will activate this option different types of play can be set up here.


Outside tournament
Member Event


 Only If the field Inventoried Item is checked does the information need to be entered.


Please Note: If the shop wants the item immediately available to sell but does not enter the inventory the day it arrives, it is highly recommended that this field is checked.


The Label option will display the Item label format and QTY On Hand. Labels can be printed for a single item in the maintenance screen.


      • Top is the description of the Item.

      • The price.

      • Bar Code 

      • Bottom Right is the SKU

      • Bottom Left is a cost code: the shop can use this code to see the purchased date and cost.

      • QTY field defaults to the total on Hand; you can change the QTY if you wish to print less or more labels, then click Print.


Pictures can be uploaded of the Item(s); the picture can only be seen in this screen and nowhere else in the system

Point of Sale Screen

The Point of Sale screen is where you will specify if the item is to print on the POS Receipts.

Print on Pay


Example: The club might want to track Member Green Fees that are not charged or towels given at the Pool; they would ring up the item at POS for reporting purposes but do not want it on the member receipt. If the item has a price and one of these two fields are not checked; the total on the ticket will be correct but the item will not be listed.

Button Style

This area allows you to change how the button for the Item will appear in POS.


This box will give you a preview of what the alignment and colors will look like.


How to Sell the Voucher:

In POS sell the Voucher Item and close the ticket (once a voucher has been sold it is immediately ready to be redeemed).


The item will be added to the ticket as normal.  The members can chose to use or not use one of their vouchers.

Voucher Rules

Once you sell a voucher, changes to the voucher setup will not affect any Vouchers previously sold.  Only vouchers sold after the changes will contain the new setup.


Please Note: The vouchers can only be sold through POS.  You cannot sell or redeem them through member charge.

Voucher Setup

Credit Item

Create a POS item just like any other item; set the price at 0. This item will be used to credit the sale. The GL and Tax Code need to match the Voucher Item being sold; to ensure the setup is correct, point the Credit Item to the same Category as the Voucher Item.


Please Note: If more than one item qualifies; repeat steps 4a to 4c until all items have been set up. Please remember to Save & Close when finished.

 Manage Item Combos


Combos allow you to sell multiple items with a single transaction. The Combo transaction sales can be broken out on the GL Financials or summarized.  


Use the Up/Down Arrows to rearrange the order the items are listed.



 POS Behavior Tab



Do not print modifiers:


Check these fields if you do not want the itemized detail to print on the member receipt. If this field is checked it will only print the Combo Name on the member receipt.


Please Note: Billing Combos; this field does not apply and always show itemized detail.

POS Button Style tab


Adjust the settings to change the bottom appearance (see POS Button Style for more instructions).



Manage Modifier Groups


If an item has choices or prep instructions you can add a modifier to the item setup; modifiers are added to a modifier group and attached to an item.


See Manage F&B Items then Modifiers.


Manage Price Scheduling


Price Scheduling allows for the setup of various automatic discounts such as Specials Promos, Member Type discounts, Marketing Promos, Happy Hour discounts, Employee discounts, etc. The price schedule can be perpetual or a limited time offer.


System will look at the cost and apply the percent markup. Commonly used in Retail shops for Employee discounts such as cost +10 percent. This will not work if the Item does not have an associated cost.


Common Questions and Concerns


Q: When managing my Items I am having trouble with Grids, where can I find more information to guide me? 
A: Grid information is located in the Client Resource Center here.


Q: How do I edit the size and color of the Item Buttons within an Item Category Button at the POS?
A: Navigate to the POS Item Button Style Tab within the Item Category and specify the appropriate size and color. Changes made on this tab will only affect the Items Buttons within the Category, not the Item Category Button.



Best Practices


  • Each Area can have different Account allocations by highlighting the Area name and entering the accounts.

  • The Tax and Service Charge percentages are determined by either the Item Category or Item Group (not the Item level).

  • Item overrides the category and group settings.

  • The Category can override the Group settings (only if the Override Group Settings is checked).

  • The Group settings will be used if there is no override on the Item or Category setting.

  • The Item level allows a cost dollar; if you have a percentage on the category level the Item cost dollar will override the category cost percent.  

  • The Grid that displays will vary from user to user; if the user is only allowed to see Retail items they will not see FNB or Billing Items.

  • You can customize your grid to display different columns. To do so, right click anywhere on the grid and select Customize Columns.  A list of Columns will appear and can be added to the grid by simply double clicking or dragging and dropping the column in question.  The columns available will vary by module.

  • For more information on grids, please click Here to navigate to our Client Facing Knowledge Base.  Grids can be found under the Interactive Reports Module.

  • Within reports you can click on the column heading to sort by any column or use the funnels to filter the information listed.

  • Another way to change the Item’s Category: Go to the Manage Items module and change within the item itself.

Downloadable Guide