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The Add Starts tool within the Tee Times Admin Dashboard is an easy way to add additional start times to your tee sheet that may be outside of your normal tee time hours.

Use Case(s):

As an Admin, I would like to add additional tee time starts to the tee sheet, either before or after our regular schedule.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Adding Custom Starts.

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Table of Contents
excludeTee Times - Add Custom Starts


Accessing the Tool

To get started, access the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Click on Add Starts.



Adding New Starts

To add a new start, click Add Custom Starts.


After you choose your times, you can change the interval if desired. By default, this should be set to 10 minutes. This is the typical interval schedule for most clubs, however, you may change this if you would like to alter the start rates.

Example: you may want your intervals to be 20 minutes increments, so start times would be at 7:00 am, 7:20 am, and 7:40 am.

The hold interval is the countdown timer that appears for members during booking, which allows a hold on the reservation while members are adding their booking details so another member cannot book this spot during the registration process. This is typically set to 6-10 minutes and should be left unaltered, however, you may add a custom hold time if desired.


If you wish to add this custom start to only some tees on your course, checkmark which tees this start should apply to.


Save as New & Removing

 Next, click save to access a few additional options.


You will not have the option to remove the starts or to save as new.


Save as new will allow you to copy the custom start rules to another day, which is an easy way of applying the changes to multiple future dates without having to set up the rules again.

Downloadable Guide

Tee Times Adding Custom Starts