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Settle Order to the Member Account by selecting Charge, or Cash as applicable.  If interested in Credit Card Payment option, please contact your Clubessential trainer for more information.  If desired, receipt may also be printed. Staff may click Exit to return to main screen.




Q: We are not equipped to provide delivery services at our Club.  How can I prevent Members from choosing the delivery option?
A: Ensure the setting marked Allow Delivery to Member location is not checked in the Area’s mobile ordering setup screen.

Q: How can I ensure Members are not able to select a time for pickup for the first 30 minutes after an area opens?
A: Ensure the Minutes after start time before first pickup field is set to 30 in the Area’s mobile ordering Setup screen.  If Area opens at 11:00am, and this setting is 30, first available pickup time would be 11:30am.

Q: How can I ensure tickets fire to the kitchen appropriately (based on pickup time)?
A: Ensure the Minutes before pickup to send field is set to the appropriate time period desired in the Menu setup screen.  If order is set for pick-up at 11:30am, and menu takes 15 minutes to prepare, set Minutes before pickup to send field to 15 to ensure ticket prints to kitchen at 11:15am for appropriate prep time.

Q: Can my mobile ordering menu differ from my regular menus for the area?
A: Yes, mobile ordering menus may be customized to include different items and/or fewer items than the Area’s normal menu.  Additionally, Items on the Menu may have custom names (overriding the default Item Name).

Q: How long does it take for changes I make to setup/configuration (menus, etc) to show up in Mobile Ordering?
A: The time it takes for changes in Office to show up in the cloud (whether in mobile POS or mobile ordering) depends upon the Sync Frequency setting in Office. If you run CMA and click System -> System Settings -> Web Site -> Office Cloud, above the endpoint listing you'll see a text box that says Sync Frequency. This is how often, in minutes, changes in Office are pushed to the cloud.  Additional delay due to caching expiration could add an additional minute to the sync time designated in the previous setting. Therefore, if in Office Sync Frequency is set to 5, changes in Office to mobile menu configuration will show up in the cloud in, at most, six minutes.

Q: What if I am in a different time zone than my Club, but want to place an order for later that day?
A: The menu start/end times and the pickup times you are allowed to choose are all based upon the timezone of the club, not your current local timezone.  If you go to order food from your phone and you're standing in an Eastern time zone, but the club's CMA instance is set to the Pacific time zone, then the times you are allowed to pick from will be using a Pacific time zone.

Q: If my Club's iPad itself times out would orders stop sending to the kitchen? 
A: Orders are sent to the server whenever the member orders food on their phone. No iPads/devices need to be signed in to mobile POS for those orders to be sent.


Best Practices

  • When creating Menus, add items that typically take approximately the same amount of time to prepare for smoother operation.

  • Ensure Member information is up to date within the back Office software to allow for a smooth and accurate order process for the member.

  • Clearly define all item descriptions, menu areas/locations, hours of operation, and settings.

  • Host an mobile ordering kick-off event to encourage Members to place their first order.

  • Track usage to validate your ROI.

  • Assign a ‘dummy’ or placeholder Employee Account to the mobile ordering system, that way no one employee is responsible for all orders.