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Role Security is an important feature for all Reservation Systems as this tool allows Club Admins to grant Admin Status for all Reservation Systems or select Reservation Systems. This feature can be found under the Admin Toolbar and has one entry point for all Reservation Systems. In order to grant Reservation Admin Status, the user must first be in the Directory. Please refer to the Directory Management Article if the user is not in the Directory.

Use Cases:

Adding Admins to your Reservation Systems.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Role Security & Granting Administrative Access for Reservation Systems.




Accessing Role Security

To access Role Securitymouse over the gray Admin bar that appears for Site Administrators at the top of every page on your website. Find and click on Role Security under the Reservations section.

This will launch the Role Security Manager. In the Role Security Manager, all of the Administrative Lists you are currently listed on will appear.

Granting Admin Access

Right click on the Tee Time Administrators.

Click Grant Role to Site Users to open the list of Tee Time Administrators.


In the Grant Role to Site Users interface, the Selected Users column on the right hand side of the window will list all users that currently have access to the admin side of the system.

From the left hand side of the window, under Available Users, you may scroll to find the appropriate user.

Use the search field to search for the user by Last Name, Member #, or Email. Click Search to return results.

Once you have found the appropriate user, click  on the user’s name from the Available Users list to bring the user to the right hand side of the window under Selected Users If you ever need to remove staff members simply click on their name under Selected Users.

Click Save Changes in order to complete the process. Without clicking this button your changes  will not be made.



Q: The user I am trying to grant access to is not showing up in the Available Users list, why?

A: Before you can grant a user access to the Reservation System(s), they must first be in the Directory (typically as a Staff Account). If the user is not found in the Available Users list, then this person is most likely not in the Directory. Review our Directory Management Article to begin adding the user before granting Role Security Access.


Q: Can a regular staff member have admin access to reservation systems, but not have access to editing the website?

A: Yes! First, we must set up a static group for any staff members that you wish to give reservation access to, but not to editing the website. From there, our team can set up access so that group has access to reservation systems but not to editing the website. Many times this group is set up at the beginning of the process, so you would only need to add staff members to the static group.


Q: I tried clicking on the group to Grant Role to Site Users but nothing is opening.

A: You will need to right click on the group in order to launch the Grant Role to Site Users window.



Downloadable Guide

Role Security Guide