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Learn how members will request time slots at a Lottery event and how to manage Lotteries within the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Use Case(s):

  • As an Admin, I would like to be able to add Lotteries to the Tee Sheet.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Lottery Management.




Member View: Lottery

To begin, start on the Member Tee Sheet. 

Lottery spots will be listed on the Member Tee Sheet as follows.

Make a Lottery Request

 Click on any Lottery button at a desired time to begin making a Lottery request.

This will launch the booking window, which will have different options that what is normally shown in the booking window.

Members will fill out the reservation window as normal for players, caddies, and transportation.

At the bottom of the booking window, members will have an additional option to add Lottery Options.

Lottery Options allow members to choose a time range in which they want to be considered for the lottery.

By using the Not Earlier Than dropdown, members can specify the earliest they would like to be considered.

By using the Not Later Than dropdown, members can specify the latest they would like to be considered.

By using the Excluded Courses dropdown, members can specify the courses they do not want to be considered for.

It is important to let members know that the further they specify when and what course they would like to be considered for, the less likely they will be participating in the Lottery that day.

Members will click Make Lottery Request to confirm.

Managing the Lottery (Admin)

 To manage the Lottery as an Admin, access the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Hover over Administration and click on Lottery Manager.



Using the datepicker, click the date of the Lottery to load to the Manager Screen.

The Lottery Manager will automatically run the lottery and apply weighting rules to each request.


In order to run the manager again, click the Reload button.


You do have the ability to manually move requests between specific times or between the assigned and unassigned queues.

To move a request, simply drag the request to a new time slot or to the opposing queue.


You may also swap groups by moving one reservation to another spot which will offer the option to squeeze the reservation or bump the reservation.

Once you are ready to run the Lottery, click Assign All. This will also send out confirmation emails to the parties.


Click OK on the warning message to proceed.

The system will then process and you’ll receive a message asking if you would like to open the tee sheet, which will allow any open spots not reserved in the Lottery to be moved to open booking for members.

Downloadable Guide

Tee Times Lottery Guide