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Banquets - Getting Started


The Document Center is a repository for storing images such as logos and documents that do not need to pull event or contact specific information. Examples might include such things as informational packets or menus. Images and documents stored here can be attached to emails and sent to clients. The Document Center makes storing shared information simple and convenient.

Use Case(s)

The Banquet Manager uploaded a photo of the reception area as it is today, as well as a rendition of the area as it will be on the day of the reception to the Document Center.  The Manager then sent an email to the Client and attached the documents from the Document Center for the client’s reference.  The documents will be easily accessible in the future, in the event changes need to be made to the layout and/or the documents need reviewed.




Accessing the Tool

Navigate Settings, click Correspondence.

Select Manage Document Center.

Adding Documents

Click on the New button.

You will now be prompted to name your document and give it a description. You must choose a folder for it to live in, and then you can click the Choose File button to browse your computer for the file.

When you have finished, click Save.

Adding Images

To add an image to the Document Center, follow the same process as above until you reach the step where you can name your image and choose the file.

You MUST choose the Images folder to store and resize any images. When you have finished, click Save.

 You can now resize the image. To do this, click on the Resize link next to the image’s name.

Resize the image by either dragging the handle at the bottom corner of the image.

Alternately, enter a specific height and width to resize the image in the width and height boxes.

 Click Save once finished.



Q: Why won’t my image save?

A: To save an image you need to make sure that you are saving to the Image Folder.


Best Practices

1. Provide the document/image a meaningful name, so opening it will not be necessary to determine its identity (i.e. Fall 2017 Menu (Meaningful) vs Menu (Not Meaningful)).

2. Establish a naming convention for your folder structure so that the documents are easy to locate.

Downloadable Guide

Banquets Managing Document Center

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