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Banquets - Getting Started


Learn to delete and re-import batched in order to update information from Reserve into your Office system.

Use Case(s)

  • The billing member was changed on the event in Reserve and needs to be updated on the batch in Office.
  • Actual Attendance was greater than the Guaranteed Attendance so the total is higher and needs to be updated in Office.



Accessing the Tool

To begin, open the Office Accounting Suite. Under System click on System Settings.

Next click Partner Products then Reserve Gateway. Lastly, click Transactions.

Re-Import Batches

 Select the correct dates in the Date Range boxes and click Refresh.

Select (in blue) the event batches that need to be updated.

Click the gray trash can to remove the current data in Office.


Click Refresh on the left side of the screen.


Select (in blue) the event batches and click the Blue Down Arrow.


The new information will then import from Reserve to Office.


Downloadable Guide

Delete and Re-Import Batches

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