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Blocking Dining Times



The Manage Blocked Out Times tool is primarily used to prevent members from booking Dining Reservations during specific times. Blocks may also be used for adjusting Dining times for seasonality.  Additionally, blocks can use different “templates” or rules for allowing certain Members to make Dining reservations.

Use Cases:

  • Prevent Members from booking a Dining Reservation during a Special Event.

  • Adjust the the Dining End times from 9pm to 10pm for the next 3 months.

  • Set up an Evening block every Wednesday that allows only a particular group of Members to make Dining Reservations.


This video provides an overview of how to Block Dining Times.




Accessing the Tool 

From the Dining Admin Dashboard, click “Manage Blocked Out Times” as shown below.

The “Blocked Time Manager” window will appear.

Add a Basic (One-Time) Block

Creating a single block takes only a few steps.  This would be done when a Club would like to block Members from making Dining Reservations in a Dining Room or Rooms at a specific date and time.

To add a basic block:

    1. Type in the Block Title (Optional).  This title will not be visible to Members when booking Dining Reservations.

    2. Ensure Dining Location is proper.

    3. Template should remain on Admin Booking Only.  This ensures Members will not be able to make Dining reservations during this time.

    4. Select the start date of the date to block.

    5. Enter the 1st and last timeslot to block. Tips: The clock icon can be used to select a 30 min interval. For other intervals simply type in the time. The box is intelligent, meaning you can type in many ways such as “1310” or “110pm” for 1:10pm, or “832” for 8:32am. In other words you don’t need the “:”, or “am/pm”.

    6. Designate where the Block is to occur.  To block all Dining Rooms in the Dining Location, ensure the “Select Specific Dining Rooms?” option is unchecked, or check the “Select Specific Dining Rooms” option, and choose the “Select All” feature.  To choose specific Dining Room(s),, check the “Select Specific Dining Rooms?” option, and check the Dining Room(s) where the Block will occur.

    7. To complete the block, click the “Add Blocked Time” button at the bottom-right.

Once added, Block Title will be visible on both the Admin and Member Dining Sheets, and will not allow Members to book during the block.

Also note it is possible to control/change how the Dining Times will appear on the Court Sheet by utilizing the “Styling” tab.  The Background and Text Color of how the Block appears on the Court sheet can be edited here.

Editing One-Time Block

To edit an existing one-time block, click, Manage Blocked Out Times.

Navigate to the “View Blocks” tab.  Then, click on the desired block to edit or delete.


Add a Recurring Block (Block Series)


The frequency setting is used to set recurring blocks called a series. For example, the monthly Wine Club that meets in the Wine Cellar on the 15th of each month, could be set up as a Monthly block series.

End Date

The end date is often important for recurring blocks but it isn’t required. A block series can be set to extend until the Dining Admin removes the series.  Check the “Select end date?” option to open and populate the “End Date” field.  Click “Add Blocked Time” when finished.

Editing Block Series

To edit a block series requires removing the series and then re-adding it.


Use Block Templates - Choose Booking Rules

A standard block simply closes the time so members cannot book. However, blocks can be used for more than just closing the time.  

By adjusting the block template setting, they can also be used to adjust who can book or what Dining Rooms are on the sheet.

For example, seasonal Dining times can be controlled using blocks.

This can also be done with the schedules for more advanced Dining Configurations.

Blocks can be also used for basic event sign ups. For example, a “Men Only” block can be set to recur weekly on Thursdays 9am-11am.

This would allow only females to book the Dining Room(s) during this window.

Shortcut to “Copy” Blocks

Sometimes similar blocks are needed throughout the month or year but not on a regular frequency.

For these cases a shortcut may be used to copy blocks, requiring only a quick change to the date.


  1. Add a block which takes you to the “View Blocks” tab to see the newly created block.

2. Click the “Add/Edit Block” tab to load the same settings for the block created in step 1.

3. Change the settings for the new block. Often this would be just changing the date.

 4. Click “Add Blocked Time”. This copies the block but with the new settings such as the new date.


5. Repeat as needed.



Q. How do I set up block templates?

A. Please contact the Res Team or your Project Manager for assistance with creating templates.


Best Practices

  • Before adding or editing a block it is recommended to load the date on the Dining sheet.  The block manager automatically starts on the same date as is loaded on the Dining sheet.


Downloadable Guide

Dining - Block Dining - Manage Blocked Out Times