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The Caddy Management tool allows you to manage your caddy’s within the Tee Times Admin Dashboard. Here you can determine caddy availability, allow members to request caddies, assign caddies to groups, and communicate to caddies via text and email.

Use Case(s):

    • As an Admin, I would like to determine caddy schedules, assign caddies to golf groups, and communicate with caddies.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Caddy Management.




Accessing the Tool

To get started, access the Tee Times Admin Dashboard. Hover over Administration and click on Caddy Management.


Here you can access the 3 tools within Caddy Management:

    • Caddy Availability
    • Caddy Assignment
    • Configuration

Caddie Availability

Caddy Availability allows you to determine when caddies are available for assignment.


This tool will list each week individually and will start on the current week. 

You may change the week by using the datepicker.

All caddies in the system will be listed below in a grid format along with the days of the week.

There will be two boxes associated with each day of the week. The top box is connected to the AM shift, while the bottom box is connected to the PM shift.

Simply click the boxes to toggle between Yes and No for availability.


From here, you may also designate the caddy type by using the type dropdown.


You may also edit caddy’s information by clicking the pencil icon by each caddie.


You may remove caddies from the schedule by clicking the remove icon.

Adding Caddies

 Before you can add Caddies to the rotation, the Caddies must first be set up in the Staff Directory. To review how to add a Staff member to the directory, please visit our Directory Article.

Once caddies are in the Staff Directory, you may begin using the Add Caddy feature.

Click Add Caddy to access the Directory List.


Search for the caddy by last name.

Click on the caddy’s name to add the caddy to the schedule.


You may also click Add Staff Member and follow the same steps.

Notifying Caddies

You can easily notify Caddies of their schedule by clicking on the Notify Caddies button. This will send out email communication to all caddies with an email in the Directory.


When the send notifications box loads, you may select which caddies to send the email to. To send to all caddies, checkmark the ‘Select All Caddies’ box.

You have the option of crafting a new message or accessing a saved message by using the dropdown under the Save Messages section.

Add a subject line in the subject field and type your content into the email message content box.

Additionally, you may send out text message alerts by typing content into the text message field. Caddies must have text messaging enabled in the directory with their cell phone number in order to receive communications. Learn how to enable text with our Text Messaging Article.

Click Save for Later to save as a draft, or click Send Message to immediately send the communication.

Caddy Assignment

Caddy Assignment will allow you to assign a specific Caddy to a group that will have a Tee Time on a particular day.



All tee times requesting caddies will be listed for the current date.

You may use the datepicker to change the date.


You may toggle between multiple courses by using the Course dropdown.


To assign a caddy to a group, click on the Select Caddy link.


This will launch a list of your caddies. Caddies in gray mean that they are not available for assignment for that day. Caddies in green are available for assignment.


Click on any caddy in green to assign to the group.

Typically, automatic emails are enabled for Caddies when assigned to a group via the Configuration tab, however, if this is disabled you may use the Notify Caddies button to send email or text communication.


To export the assignment list, click Export.


The Configuration tab is typically set up for you by Clubessential. Before making any changes here, please consult with a Clubessential representative to determine if the changes will meet your needs.

The Caddy Master Email is the email that Caddies will be able to respond to when you send emails through the Caddie system.

Send Assignment Notifications should be enabled in order for the system to send automatic emails to caddies when they are assigned to groups or changes in their schedule.

Transportation and Caddie option determine the verbiage that will be listed on the Book a Tee Time window.

Under Map Caddy Types, you may assign certain caddie types with the types of services are provided.


Click update settings once changes have been made.

Downloadable Guide

Caddy Management Guide