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Club Admins and Editors are able to easily change passwords on behalf of members if needed. Using the Member Profile Edit tool, a password can be updated or a password reset link may be sent to the member via email.

Use Case(s)

Password changes may need to occur if a member has forgotten their password. Admins and Editors may either manually update the password or send a password reset key to the member’s email address. Password changes may also be made for staff accounts on the website as well.


This video provides a short tutorial on Changing User Passwords.

Note: Sections of the video have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access

Total Video (Length)3:32   
Accessing the Tool0:43 Forgot Password Feature on Login2:09
Updating Passwords1:21 Best Practices2:50
Password Requirements1:45   





Accessing the Tool

To begin Changing a User's Password follow the steps below depending on your access role.

Admins: Hover over Admin bar in the left hand corner of the screen, select Directory.

Editors: Hover over Admin in the main navigation, select Main Tools, and then Directory.

Click on the member name to access the Member Profile.

Next, click edit this user.

Changing a User's Password

Once in the member profile, scroll to the Web Account Information on the member profile.

Here, you may manually enter in a new password and click save.

Alternately, you may send the member a password reset link via email.

If you receive a Pop-Up after saving the password, follow the steps below:


    • If you use RosterSync, a popup will appear after you click on Edit This User. For password changes this can be ignored, but it will look like this:

    • Once you click OK, you will see the fields that you can edit. Most of these changes should be made in your accounting system. If you have any questions, contact your designated support team.

    • Scroll down the user profile to where the Username and Password are. Here you can manually make these changes.

Members Resetting Passwords

Members are able to reset their password on their own without logging in by using the Forgot Password link located on the Login Page of the website.

When the link is clicked it will prompt a question if you forgot your username or password.

When the forgot password is clicked, it will ask for an email address to send your new password to. It must match the email address that is associated with the member account.

If a member does not remember their email address, they would contact whichever site administrator receives the password updates. If your club does not have one on file, it will go to Clubessential Technical Support.




Q: How often do members have to change their passwords?

A: The only time members have to change their password is after they log into the site for the first time.

Q: How often do staff members have to change their passwords?

A: Site Editors are not required to change their passwords. Site Administrators are required to change their passwords every 180 days.

Q: Why can I not see the password field?

A: All passwords are encrypted so you will not be able to see the password. Even corporate administrators cannot see the passwords.

Q: Why can a member log in on their computer, but not on their iPhone/iPad/other device?

A: Incorrect or outdated login credentials are likely saved and browser cache may need to be cleared. Here are multiple methods to do so based on the browser/device type:


Best Practices


  1. By being able to change the passwords for members and staff, you will eliminate the time it could take to reach your designated support team in case they are experiencing longer turnaround times.

  2. Also, by helping the member right then and there shows the member you can help in any way possible. By being able to change their password so they can log into the site means they can sign up for events, make dinner reservations and tee times, and will bring revenue to the club.

Downloadable Guide

Changing User Passwords Guide