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This guide reviews how to pull a member roster file from ClubTec to import it into the website Directory using Roster Sync.  

Use Case(s)

Each time your online member directory needs to be updated, the member roster file must be pulled from ClubTec and uploaded to the website using Roster Sync.


This video provides an overview of how to Run a Member Export for ClubTec.





Pulling ClubTec Member File

First, open the ClubTec Manager and then select Applications > Reports.

Next, click Report Selection > Membership (click the + sign to expand the options).



Click Listing Reports (click the + sign to expand the options).

Click Roster Export > Click rptMemListRosterExport.

Once you have clicked rptMemListRosterExport., click the Preview Report” tab at the top.

Change the Supress Header option to NO, then click OK.

Click the Disc icon on the top left hand toolbar (this could take 1-2 minutes for the disk to appear).

Click the Export to Text tab and click the ‘...’ to browse for the destination file path.

The location to export should be set to c:\ce_rs (or where the ce_rs folder is located on the computer).

Name the file memberroster.




Q: My statements aren't up to date on the website.

A: This is because with Club Tec, statements have to be manually generated, then run through Sync Client.  Please contact Clubessential Support for more information on running statements. 

Downloadable Guide


Clubtec Export for Roster Sync

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