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Courts Admin Dashboard Overview



The Courts Reservation system is used for any racquet sport or sports that require courts.

Use Cases:

  • Booking Engine for racquet/court related sports.

  • Management tool.


This video provides an overview on the Courts Reservation System.


Accessing the Tool 

As an Admin, you’ll primarily be working with the Courts Admin Dashboard. 

The Courts Admin Dashboard location may vary depending on your website’s design, but is typically housed as a link in the dropdown navigation under your racquet related section (IE, Tennis).

Courts Admin Dashboard Overview


The Admin Dashboard is where you will be managing the reservation system to: book on behalf of members, obtain reports, altar court booking times, etc.

The calendar will default to today’s date, but you may use the datepicker to move forward or backward in time as needed.

To make a reservation, click any open slot on the calendar which will be denoted in white or light blue.

This will launch the booking window. 

Reserved times will be in green and blocked times will be in dark blue.

There will be two click to edits above the calendar for Daily Notes. The first click to edit is for members only and will show on the booking calendar visible to members. The second click to edit is for Admin Notes, which will only show on the Admin Dashboard.

At the top left, there is a Print Version link. This will allow you to print off the calendar for offline use.


The Administration link at the top of the Dashboard allows you access various other functions. Hover over Administration to access further functions such as reporting, managing the waitlist, and special events.

Manage Block Times allows you to add or edit blocks in the system. 

Recurring Reservations allows you to edit any recurring reservations stored within the system.

Manage Waitlist allows you to view any members on the waitlist.

Downloadable Guide

Courts Admin Dashboard Overview