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Daily Notes



The Daily Notes feature is a great way to add messages to your Tee Time system to Members or for internal use (Pro-Shop/Admins only). Located within the Tee Time Admin Dashboard, you will have access to two separate editors that will allow you to add messages that may contain: text, images, or hyperlinks. The member message will show on the member Tee Sheet, while messages for internal use will only show on the Admin Dashboard.

Use Case(s):

  • Delays
  • Cross Marketing

  • Urgent Messages


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Daily Notes.




Accessing the Tool

To access Daily Notes, go to the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Above the Admin Tee Sheet, there will be two click to edits, which will open two separate content editors. 

The Click to Edit on the left is for creating messages for members, which will appear on the member Tee Sheet.

The Click to Edit on the right is for creating messages for internal use only (Pro-Shop/Admins), which will appear on the Admin Dashboard right above the calendar.

Creating Messages for Members

Open the Click to Edit on the left to begin crafting a message for members, which will appear on the member Tee Sheet for the day that is listed on the tee sheet. To add a note to a different day, first use the datepicker to go to the day and then open the click to edit.


This will launch the Content Editor where you may craft a message using text, imagery, and/or hyperlinks.

The Editor is similar to that of a Word document and you will find many of the same tools to style content.

For full information on our Editor training, please refer here: Editor Guide.

Once you have added your message, click Save.

The message will now be visible on the Member Tee Sheet.



Downloadable Guide

Tee Times - Daily Notes