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Each reservation system offers various reporting tools. The Guest Manager shows reports on all guests within the reservation system and details information on the guest.  The Guest Manager can be helpful to collect data on who is a potential prospect.

Use Case(s):

    • As an Admin, I would like to be able to see which Guests have been added to the reservation system, who their member sponsor is, and view contact information for the guest.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Creating Special Events.




Accessing the Guest Manager

 The Guest Manager can be accessed within any Reservation system by starting on the Admin Dashboard.

Hover over Admin and choose Guest Manager.


Searching for Guests

You can easily sort and search through all guests within the system.

Using the search bar, you can type in the last name of the guest and click search to return results.


Using the ABC… button, you may sort through guests by the first letter of their last name.

To show deleted guests, checkmark the Show Deleted Guests box which will return any deleted guests.

Using the top toolbar, you may also sort guests by clicking on the Name Arrow, Member Sponsor, Type, Email, or Phone. This will sort the list alphabetically in either ascending or descending order.

Managing Guests

 Within the guest manager you may remove guests from the system or re-add deleted guests.

You can re-add deleted guests by clicking the Red ‘X’.


To delete guests from the system, click the trash icon associated with the guest.

You may edit guest information by clicking on the pencil icon. Click Save Guest to update the guest information.

Downloadable Guide

Guest Manager Guide