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How Members Book a Tee Time


Why Book Online?

Booking a Tee Time Online is an extremely easy way to book your next golf game or to register for upcoming tournaments and special events. Tee Times will allow you to access golf events and open tee times, see event details, reserve a spot, receive email communication on the event or tee time, and link events and tee times to your own personal calendar. Simply follow the steps below to begin using the Online Tee Time today. 


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on How to Book a Tee Time (Members).

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Calendar Location

Before you can make a tee time, you’ll first need to access the online Tee Times page. Login to your website to enter the private member portion of the website. Once you’re logged in, you may access Tee Times from several spots. The Tee Times location will depend on your website layout. If you need assistance locating the Tee Times page, contact your Club Admin for directions.

Tee Times Overview



The Tee Times Tee Sheet will default to the current date. You may change the date by using the datepicker.


You may also change the date by using the date links on either side of the datepicker to move forward or backward in time.


Above the datepicker there will be a legend that you may refer to, which shows the color codes for booking.

Time slots will be listed on the Tee Sheet which you may reserve. If the time slot is in green then the spot is available to book.

1. If the time slot is in gray and there is not a reserve or join button, then the spot in unavailable to book.

2. If the time slot has member names with a Join button, then you may join another member’s group by clicking Join.

3. If the time slot is in yellow, then you have already made a tee time for this time slot. You may click the edit icon to edit this tee time.


Booking a Tee Time

Now that you’ve reviewed the tee sheet tools, you can start booking tee times. 

Click Reserve on the time slot that you wish to make the reservation for (available time slots for booking will be in green).


This will launch the Book Tee Time window where you can add details to your tee time.


At the top of the Book Tee Time window, you can change the date, course, time, round, and party size. 


Once you have selected the party size, the listing of patrons will expand to match our selection.


Please add the names of the other members or guests joining you. 

To add another member to your reservation, start tying their last name, a comma, and then their first name into the patron field and click on their name when it populates in the listing.


To add a guest, enter a guest’s first name and last name and hit enter.  Guests that you have included in the reservation in the past will display in the dropdown list for you to select. 

If the guest is not in the system, you may easily add this guest so that the guest is easier to find on your next booking reservation. Simply click New Guest on the drop down menu after typing the guest’s name. 


A pop up window will appear confirming you wish to add the guest. Click OK.


Next, add the guest’s information. 

Enable Guest Quick Add will be checked by default. This will allow the guest’s information to be stored so you can easily add the guest to tee times in the future. Uncheck if you do not want to store the guest’s information.

Click Add Guest once you have completed adding the guest information.


You may also leave fields as ‘Type Patron Name’ and these will be converted to TBDs, or placeholders, for your reservation.

You may also select Need Player if you would like for another member to have the ability to join your group.


To the left of each person, check the boxes to select who will receive an email confirmation for this tee time.


To the right of each patron’s name, you will see a drop down menu. Use this to select the patron’s needs such as caddy, walking, private cart, etc.


If you would like to include comments with your tee time, please feel free to do so by typing in the comments section.


Once you are ready to confirm your reservation, click Make Tee Time.

Edit an Existing Tee Time

You can make edits to an existing tee time by navigating to the date the tee time is on and clicking the Edit button on your tee time.


The Book Tee Time window will launch. From here, you may alter details on your tee time.

Once you are ready to confirm the changes to your reservation, click Book Tee Time.


Need to Cancel?

You can cancel a tee time by navigating to the date of the tee time and clicking the blue Edit button. The Edit Tee Time window will launch. 

Click Cancel Tee Time at the bottom of the booking window. 


Downloadable Guide

Booking a Tee Time Online - Guide