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This guide reviews how to pull a member roster file from Jonas to import it into the website Directory using Roster Sync.  

Use Case(s)

Each time your online member directory needs to be updated, the member roster file must be pulled from Jonas and uploaded to the website using Roster Sync.  


This video provides an overview of how to Run a Member Export for Jonas.

Note: Sections of the video have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access




Pulling Jonas Member File

Access your Jonas Club Management Application.

 Click on Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > Member Master to ASCII.


A pop-up window will then appear with export options.

The pop-up will list:

    1. Your Club Name
    2. Where the Export will Save to your computer
    3. Field Settings


Click OK to run the export.

Once the process is complete, you can then run the Roster Sync utility to import the member list into the website.



Q: The export I generated is missing members, what happened?

A: If the export settings were altered in any way, this could result in not pulling the correct information which may cause missing members in the export. Contact Clubessential Support to review the proper settings. Before making any changes to the export settings, be sure to consult with Clubessential Support first.

Best Practices


  1. Before you run the Jonas Export, it is best to contact your IT Company that manages the server that Jonas is running on. Since the Jonas export must be run from a computer at the club and the statement data must be extracted from the server using Gofer, setting up a time to speak with the IT Company managing the server will expedite the process, and help to prevent delays in getting the install finished.

  2. Make sure to check the Filename path for where the export will be saved so you can easily retrieve this when you’re ready to run Roster Sync

Downloadable Guide

Jonas Export for Roster Sync

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