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Office - FAQs


Gift Card Settings

  1. Top Tool Bar > System > System Settings > Point of Sale > Gift Card Settings

  2. Check Auto-Number if you want the system to automatically assign the gift card numbers 

  3. Auto Number Seed what is the first Gift Card number to assign



Issuing Bulk Gift Cards in CMA Member Charges

  1. In member charges enter the Member > Area > the Gift Card Item > QTY > Price > Enter to the next line

  2. Enter all the gift card denominations: in this example we have 6 gift cards @ 3 different values.

  3. When the Gift Card Item is used it will activate an additional option at the bottom of the screen labeled Edit Gift Cards Click on Edit Gift Cards button

  4. The Gift Card Entry box will display:

    Depending on your setup the system will auto assign the gift card number or you can enter the first number and the system will assign the next sequential numbers > if the Issued To is check it will let you manually enter a guest or description. If Member is checked it will allow you to search for a member to assign> Enter the Expiration Date or Never Expires > enter a Description

  5. Once all information has been entered click on Auto-Finish > Yes: this will automatically assign a number to the remaining Gift Cards with the identical information entered.



If you prefer to enter different information for each Gift Card Do Not click on Auto-Finish. Click on Next to move to the next Gift Card.

Keep in mind that all information is searchable in POS so the more description the easier to find a gift card

Follow the same steps for a single Gift Card except when done entering all the information click Finish

If the Edit Gift Cards option does not appear make sure you have a Gift Card item setup


Issuing Bulk Gift Cards at POS

  1. In POS Order Screen enter the first Gift Card and amount, if more than one gift card will be issued at the same amount change the QTY. Continue with all the Gift Card denominations; in this example I rang up 6 Gift Cards @ 3 different amounts (25, 50, and 100)

  2. Settle the ticket; this will bring up the New Gift Card box. Once you have entered the information for the first gift card click on Auto Finish. This will automatically assign a number to the remaining Gift Cards with the identical information entered on the first.



If your system is setup to auto assign the number you do not have to enter the card number

If you are not setup to auto assign the number enter the first number and the system will assign the next sequential numbers

Follow the same steps for a single Gift Card except when done click or touch Enter

The expiration date will be set based on the system settings.


Reassign Gift Cards

  1. From the main POS screen click or touch the button Gift Card Balances

  2. Highlight the Gift Card to edit and click Details

  3. A box with the Gift Card details will display; if you want to re-assign the GC to a Member click or touch Member and search for the member. If this is not a member click or touch Non Member and manually enter the name.

  4. Click or Touch Done



The ability to reassign is controlled by the Employee Group security role, Edit Gift Card Name after Issuance