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Kiosk Mode is designed as a self-service/check-in option for Club Members.  In this guide, we will discuss how to utilize the Kiosk Mode to check in from a Member’s perspective.

Use Case(s)

    • A Member must check in to the Club upon entry, to the Fitness Center before working out, and/or at the Pro Shop before playing a round of golf (without requiring Club Staff assistance).



Accessing the Tool


Depending on your Club’s preference, settings can be adjusted to provide a simple approach to Members logging in, or can provide more security (requiring a Billing Member’s Number, and Member unique PIN) to log in to the kiosk.  Settings and instructions are as follows.

Accessing Kiosk Mode (with PIN disabled)

To enable a simple login experience for your Members, ensure the Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode setting is checked. With this System Setting enabled, Members can easily swipe their card, or enter their Member number to quickly log in, and check in.


To disable the PIN, access System, System Settings, then Point of Sale, and check the Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode check box at the very bottom of the menu.  Once Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode has been checked, perform the following to log in:

    1. Choose the Club designated kiosk device (Check In in this example).

Please Note: For initial Kiosk setup only.

 2. Touch the POS screen to begin.

3. Enter Member Number and click OK to log in.


Accessing Kiosk Mode (with PIN enabled) 

To enable a more secure login experience for your Members, ensure the Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode setting is not checked.  This will require a Billing Member’s Number to be input along with a corresponding Member PIN to log in to the kiosk.  



Once Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode is not checked, perform the following to log in:

1. Choose the Club designated kiosk device (Check In in this example).

Please Note: This step is for initial Kiosk setup only.

2. Members can then touch the POS screen to begin.

3. Enter Billing Member Number and click OK.

4. Next, member will need to enter a PIN number. Most members will need to create a PIN for the first time. To start the process, select New User.

 5. Members will then enter the street number of any address on their account.

a. For example, if the member’s address is 2106 Main St., they will enter 2106
b. Select OK.


6. If the member has dependents on their account, the system will prompt the user to select the member for whom the PIN is being created.

 7. Members can then set their PIN. Select OK and the user will receive a prompt confirming the successful creation of their PIN.


 8. The member will then be prompted to enter their newly created PIN. Select OK.

Checking In 

Once the member’s PIN is entered, the Check-In button will populate.  Please follow the below instructions to check in.

 1. Select the Check-In Button.

2. The member will then select who is checking in and specify the number of guests with them.

 3. If the club charges Guest Fees, the system will ask the user to select how they would like to settle the ticket.  If the club is allowing the option to use Credit Cards, the club must provide the solution of a card reader.

 Please Note: If there are no Guest Fees the user will not receive the payment prompt. Please proceed to step 4.

4. Select Yes when finished.

Best Practices

 1. Please review the process on each POS system before going live, to ensure the success of New Member PIN setup, as well as payments.

2. Members can reset their PIN, if needed, from the POS after entering their Member Number at the Forgot PIN button.


Q: What if I do not currently have a POS system or if I do have a POS system, the ability to integrate?

A: Please contact your Clubessential Account Manager for details on Initial Setup, Implementation, and Price.

Downloadable Guide


Kiosk Mode - Member Check-In Guide