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The Mobile POS Application, installed and run on iPad(s) in the Club, can be used for a multitude of purposes to enhance the Member experience as well as increase Staff efficiency. Mobile POS functions as Classic POS would in a Dining setting; taking and firing orders, viewing and settling Mobile Orders, checking gift card balances, item lookup, ticket splitting, Member charge, and various shift reports. In addition, it can be used for Mobile Tee Time check-ins and settlements on the course.

Use Case(s):

  • Servers would like to be able to take Member orders at the table during their Dining experience in order to speed up the process and create seamless Member Dining.

  • Servers would like to be able to take orders and charge Members Poolside for drinks and food from the snack bar.

  • A Member requests to know the balance of a Gift Card at the table, the Server would like to be able to check that balance from their tablet running Mobile POS.

  • Golf Staff would like to be able check-in Members at the first tee and charge them any associated fees.


Accessing the Tool

Clubessential Mobile POS is an application that can be downloaded to access via iPad or Android tablet or via browser. The Club will need to activate each device to be used. To troubleshoot a mobile POS issue, Support can access via tablet or browser. See more detail on this process below.

Mobile POS - App Access

Mobile POS is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store by searching Clubessential POS, as seen below.

Please Note: Mobile POS is already installed on the Support iPad. 

Mobile POS - Browser Access

Mobile POS can also be accessed on a laptop or computer using Google Chrome web browser at

Activating Your Device

Devices & Users

Clubessential Mobile POS allows for multiple Users to access the tool once the device is activated. The number of devices at the Club, however, will be dependent upon need and is individual to each Club.

Please Note: If you are unsure who your Users are, please contact Clubessential. 


 When first setting up Clubessential POS each device must be Activated. Using Admin credentials (email address and password), Users will sign in to Activate the device. Clubessential employees are the only ones able to add an Activate User for a club.

Users will receive an Account Activation email, as shown below. 

Please Note: If you do not receive this activation email, please check your spam folder. If your activation email is not in your spam folder, please contact Clubessential. 

Follow the link and on-screen instructions on activating the device. First choose a password, then Sign in to activate the device. 

Once signed in, Users will then select the corresponding Machine they wish to activate. Next, select Activate this Machine

Logging In

 Select a Device

Once the device has been activated, the User must select the Device they wish to use. Each existing POS Device will populate, as listed in Office. For example, the Club has an Area for their main dining room, the bar, and also an area for the Pool. All three areas, The Capital Grille (dining), The Capital Lounge (bar), and The Capital Dive (pool), will all be listed as options to select from when logging into the POS.

Sign In


Users will enter their normal POS credentials to gain access to the Mobile POS system, as shown here. Next, select Continue.

Please Note: Users can also Change the Device from the Sign In screen if needed. Change Device is located in the top left corner of the Sign In screen. 

Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature on Apple devices that allows Users to limit their other User activity to one specific app, preventing them from switching to another program or returning to the home screen. Also known as Guest Mode, to not allow Guests access to sensitive information.

How to Enable

  1. Launch Settings on the iPad to be used.

  2. Select General.

  3. Select Accessibility.

  1. Select Guided Access under the Learning section.

  1. Move the slider over to turn on Guided Access.

  1. Select Settings.

    1. Passcode can be set or Touch ID enabled to end Guided Access.


  1. Select Set Guided Access Passcode, and set a passcode.

  1. Toggle the Accessibility Shortcut to On, which allows Users to triple-click the Home button and enter Guided Access at any time.

How to Use

  1. Launch the Mobile POS App

  2. Triple click the Home Button; launching Guided Access.

  3. Circle any areas of the screen that should be inaccessible.

  4. Select Options to choose whether or not to allow access to the Sleep/Wake button, volume button, touch screen, and/or motion. Select Done when you are finished to save your selections

  5. Select Start at the top right of the screen to begin Guided Access.

Please Note: Once Guided Access is enabled, Users that try to leave the specific locked app, will receive a message telling them to triple-click the Home button to exit. If they do not know the previously set up passcode, they cannot exit Guided Access.

Navigating Mobile POS

Home Screen Tabs

Open Tickets


The Mobile POS system default opens to the Open Tickets screen, showing all open tickets. Any locked tickets will show a padlock on the line of the ticket. Once a line is selected via the checkbox to the left, Users then have options to Unlock a ticket, Transfer a ticket, Member Charge, or Delete the ticket.

Mobile Orders


If this area is set up for Mobile Ordering, tickets are able to be viewed and settled from this screen. Mobile Order tab options, once a line is clicked, include More Information on the ticket, Notify the Member that their order is ready, Unlock the ticket, Transfer the Ticket, Member Charge, and Delete the ticket. The arrow icon on each line will take the User to the ticket details.

Closed Tickets


All Closed tickets are able to be viewed from this screen. Once a line is clicked, Users have the ability, once a line is clicked, to reopen the ticket, Print Pay, Print Settle, or Delete the ticket.

Tee Times


For Mobile POS retail devices setup, the center tab will show Tee Times, as seen below. For more information on Mobile Tee Times Settlement, please review the Mobile Tee Times Check-In and Settlement guide.

Main Navigation


The flyout menu is accessible from menu button in the top left hand corner that allows:

Member Lookup

This menu item allows Users to search for Members by Name or Member Number.

Once the Member is selected, the Member photo will populate along with their basic information and Member groups.

Admins have the ability to view all spouse/dependent Members from the triple dot menu icon in the top right. This allows Users to switch between Primary, Spouse, and Dependent Member views/information more efficiently.

Select Table

The select table option allows for servers to be in the Dining area, or at a table, and start a ticket for the table, at the table. When selected, a layout of the dining room will populate on the screen, the server will select the corresponding table to open a ticket and begin entering items. This dining room layout is the same as in Classic POS; occupied tables will show with the Member name and open tables will show with the table number.

Please Note: Users can switch between Dining Areas from the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen, as seen below.

Quick Ticket

The Quick Ticket Feature launches a Member listing where Users can choose a Member, by search or from the list, to initiate a new ticket without assigning it to a table. Each Screen Group will show the amount of items in the group, and then each item shows the price. If the item is a countdown item, the system will show how many of that specific item remains. Once the Member name is selected, a ticket opens in their name, as seen below.

From this screen, Users can select Menu items from any item categories to add to the ticket. When the User selects an Item, the system will prompt them to select the corresponding seat to add the Item.

Please Note: The option to select a seat can be enabled/disabled from Office - POS Options by checking or unchecking Use Seating in Mobile POS, as seen below.

For a specific order example, our Member orders a cookie and ice cream from the Dessert menu category. The User simply touches each item and it is then added to the ticket as seen below.

Now, the User has multiple options, once the order has been taken. Each menu Item has a price listed below it. When the item is clicked, if there are no Modifiers, the Item will be added to the ticket. If there are modifiers for the Item, the Modifier screens will populate, as seen below using the example of the Queens Feast. First, the Queen’s Feast (a multi-course dinner combo) button is selected.

Next, the first modifier page populates, where the User must select two of the available options for the Member’s beverage and first course.

Lastly, the final modifier page populates. Once the User has selected the final/main course, the Item will be added to the ticket.

When the User is ready to send the items to the kitchen, they can do so via the Send button directly above the items on the ticket.

Users also have the additional options available in the More button above the ticket or by clicking the item itself. These options allow Users to Change Cover Count, Split Ticket, Upcharge, Discount, Comp, Remove Discounts, Delete an Item, Change the Quantity, Add a message, Split Item, Transfer the Item, Change the seat number associated with the item, change the Seat Type, Assign another Member, or Change the Course. All options seen below.

Split Ticket

Mobile POS allows Users to Split Tickets, meaning that various items can be moved from one ticket to another to appropriately charge the corresponding Member for their order. This menu allows Users to Split the individual items, Split by quantity, Split by seat, Split by course, Split by Member, or Split by Amount, as seen on the bottom row of the image below.

Settle Ticket

When choosing to Settle a ticket, Users select the Pay button at the bottom of the ticket, as seen below. This will take you to the Settle screen.

From the Settle screen, Users have the ability to adjust for Tax Exemption Status, Service Charges, Gratuity, and the option to email a receipt to the Member.


Please Note: For Clubs that use Square for Credit Card processing, gratuity must only be added in the Enter Tip Amount screen in Mobile POS. Members should only be interacting with Square to provide their signature.

Settling with Cash

End of Shift Report

The End of Shift Report allows Users to select a date range as well a specific device for which the report will be run.

The Final End of Shift Report will populate, as seen here. Users can choose to edit their selections or print the report

Shift History Report

Item Lookup

The Item Lookup menu option allows Users to pull up a specific menu Item. From here, Users can select the individual Item to view the count, edit quantity, or track the countdown, as shown below.

Gift Card Balance

As in Classic POS, Mobile POS allows Users to check the Gift Card Balance for any Member. This interface is searchable by Member Name or Number.


Q: How can I activate more Devices to use Mobile POS?

A: If you need to add more Devices, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to determine the best fit for your club, and work through a contract addendum for you.

Q: I am trying to log in but do not have an enter or continue button visible.  I am only seeing the below screenshot.

A: Check your version of iOS by going to the Settings, General, Software Update, and install the latest version of IOS (currently version 12).  If the latest updates can not be installed, the device may not be supported.

Q: I am trying to use my system, but am seeing a blank screen. What do I do?

A:  If you lose connectivity to your Wi-Fi, the following blank screen will appear.  Ensure you are connected to the internet and then hard close and re-launch the app.  If you are still having issues after you have confirmed your connectivity, please uninstall and reinstall the app.  

Q: How can I adjust the Dining room layout for Mobile POS?

A: The tables that show in the Select a Table section are able to be edited, just as in Classic POS, through the Screen Group Designer in Office.

Q: Why does my Screen Group look different in Mobile POS than in Classic POS?

A: Mobile POS has been rendered to limit the number of colors and has been formatted for use on tablets. This will lead to a lack of colors or other features that you had saved in Classic POS through Screen Group Designer.

Best Practices

  • Mobile POS has been completely re-written - please take note that not all Classic Features are currently available in Mobile POS. Stay tuned to upcoming Releases for future feature parity.

    • For example, in Classic POS there are timekeeping features where employees can clock in and out and then an end of shift report can be produced. In Mobile POS, there is not yet a clock in or out feature but the end of shift report can still be run. (As of 3/4/19)

  • For Clubs that use Square for Credit Card processing, gratuity must only be added in the Enter Tip Amount screen in Mobile POS. Members should only be interacting with Square to provide their signature.

Downloadable Guide