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In this document we will discuss how to void checks/payments within the Office product. Void Checks allows the user to void any checks entered in error, or lost and needing reissued.  The tool also enables users to void electronic payments.

Use Case(s)

A Vendor called indicating they did not receive payment from the Club.  The Club reviews their records and determines that they had sent a check three weeks ago.  The Club verifies that the check has not cleared their bank, and then proceeds to void the check.  Depending on the amount of the check (>$25), the Club also contacts their bank and issues a stop payment on the check to prevent the check from being cashed in the future. Once successfully voided, the Club re-issues a new check to the Vendor.


Accessing the Tool 

To access Void Checks,

 1) Select Accounts Payable from the user menu and choose Void Checks.

2) The Void Check Wizard will launch.

Void Check Wizard

The Void Check Wizard allows the user to void any checks entered in error.

1) Enter the below information:

(1) Select the bank account the check was posted to.

(2) Select the date for the void (date to post to GL).

(3) Specify how to select checks to void:

  • By Check Number - Enter the check number.
  • By Check Range - Enter start and end check number. All checks in this range will display on the next screen.
  • By Printed Date - Enter the printed date of the check. This is primarily used to void an electronic check (All electronic checks have a check number of zero and thus will not show by check number or check range).

(4) Do the invoices paid by these checks need to be paid again at a later time?

  • Yes - Invoices will be put back into Pay Bills to be paid at a later date.
  • No - Invoices will not be put back into Pay Bills and do not need to be paid again.

(5) Do Credit Memos applied to these checks need to be used again?

  • Yes - Credit Memos will be put back into Pay Bills to be used at a later date.
  • No - Credit Memos will not be put back into Pay Bills and do not need to be used again.

(6) Select Next to continue.

2)  Confirm check number(s) listed is/are to be voided, and click Finish to process the void(s).

Note: If Check Range or Printed Date was selected in first screen of wizard, optionally deselect checks/payments on screen that you do not wish to void.

Only payments with a checkmark next to them will be voided.

3) Batch preview screen will launch.  Post the batch.

4) Once posted, close screen to return to main menu.

Best Practices 

  • Ensure Bank Reconciliations are done properly, as checks/payments that have been reconciled cannot be voided.

  • Remember to void by printed date when voiding an electronic payment (ACH), as check number will always be zero on these payments, and will not be found when searching by 0 check number.


Q. I need to void (2) checks, but system can’t find them.  What do I do?

A. Review the Print Checks screen.  Oftentimes, checks that cannot be found, are sitting here, waiting to be cut.

Q. I voided a check in a big batch (that was posted and paid), and selected to pay the bills later.  How do I delete 2 of the invoices that I do not want to pay?

A. Enter a negative vendor invoice for the same date and expense account.  Then, in Pay Bills, select both the charge and negative invoice.  Then, go to Print Checks and print a zero check on plain paper using zero as a check number.


Q. How do I delete a payment batch?

A. You cannot delete payment batches.  To correct an incorrect posted payment batch, you will need to print the check, and void it.


Q. Payment to be processed is under wrong bank account, how do I change before printing?

A. You can't.  Go ahead and print the check (change check number to 0 and print on plain paper), and then immediately turn around and void it and say yes, you do want to pay it again and put it back into Pay Bills.  Then, select it and pay it from the right account.


Q. I accidentally entered an invoice that was paid on credit card and need to delete it from a batch, but can’t because it is partially paid.  What do I do?

A. Pay the invoice on a bogus check #, then, void the check, and use the option, “Do not pay the invoice again” in the Void Check Wizard.


Q. I processed an ACH payment on the wrong day, and when voiding, accidentally selected No, when asked Do invoices need to be paid at a later time?  I need to pay them again, how do I do that?

A. Re-enter the invoices, and pay them.


Downloadable Guide

Void Checks - Guide