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PayCloud - Release Notes


Club Settings - Blackout Dates

  • Enhanced User experience by separating Blackout Date schedule for One-Time and Scheduled payments.

Use Case: Previously, there was only one control for Blackout Dates that would allow Users to Blackout dates for all Payments. Now, Users can differentiate Blackout Dates for Immediate (One-Time) Payments and Scheduled Payments.

OMP Import

  • Increased functionality allows for Importing Payment Schedules without a Payment account.

Use Case: Previously, when importing payment information, a Payment account was needed when importing Payment schedules. Now, with increased functionality, PayCloud allows Users to import Payment schedules without a Payment Account, allowing for the switch to a different Payment Processor.

  • Added new controls to automatically associate a new account to an imported Payment schedule.
  • Added notification to remind Members to add a Payment Account to their Scheduled Payment. Setting can be turned on/off within System - Payment Notifications, as seen below.


Mobile View

  • Increased functionality by breaking out Item groups on Mobile Statement page.

Use Case: Previously, only line item totals would show on the Statement page. Now, increased functionality allows for Item groups breakout on the Statement page. See example below, Daily meal cost was $251, new functionality on Mobile shows the User the breakdown of that total with $27 Beer and $223 on Food.

  • Enhanced functionality allows for a streamlined Mobile navigation experience within Paycloud.

Use Case: Previously, PayCloud menus would overlap other menu items and prevent scrolling. Now, with enhanced functionality, PayCloud navigation does not overlap menus and will allow for vertical scrolling in landscape mode when viewing as an Admin, as seen below.  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Plastiq payments that prevented payment sync process when the Member had a custom form answer longer than 250 characters.

  • Fixed a bug with PaySimple sync process that would update the transaction date instead of the ‘Last Changed’ date.

  • Fixed a bug with CE Payments in IE that would allow payments to be attempted twice.

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