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PayCloud - Release Notes



  • Added Audit Log Details for Scheduled Payments.

Use Case: Within Club Admin Reports > Scheduled Payments grid there are now columns for ‘Created On Date Time’ and ‘Created By User ID’ that can be added to the Grid. Also, within the Scheduled Payment details a Club Admin can view ‘Scheduled on Date Time’ and ‘Scheduled By’ fields, as seen below.

Axis Integration

  • Created a new tab in Club Admin > System > Club Settings for Axis Member Sync to manage Sync settings.

Use Case: Club Admins can select to only sync changes for Members that are already in PayCloud or can choose to ‘Create New Members’. See Axis Member Sync menu below. This serves to ensure member numbers exist in Paycloud before an SSO attempt is made from Axis and will be utilized by clubs using 3rd party accounting vendors or with future enhancements such as event or form payments.

Club Admins will need to select the Member Number Format for when Spouses/Dependents will be synced. See various Spouse/Dependent Member Number options below.

Dash Letters: 100-A, where A stands for the Spouse.

Dash Numbers: 100-1, where 1 stands for the Spouse.

Letters: 100A, where A stands for the Spouse.

Space Letters: 100 A, where A stands for the spouse.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with OpenEdge allowing Members to submit the payment form multiple times.

  • Fixed the ability for Club Member’s to hide and unhide fields from their profile from view in the Member Roster.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Third Party IDs being created when a Club Member’s name or member number is changed in Office it does not create a new entry for that Member in the database when synced to PayCloud.

  • Fixed an issue with “Show Summary Breakout on Statement” in Office. When set, gratuity, taxes, and service charges on the header row are correctly added to the total.

  • Fixed an issue with PayCloud and Website Snippets where a Date Snippet would also show the time, when not needed.

Downloadable Guide