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PayCloud - Release Notes


Club Settings - Statements

  • Additional support added to PayCloud to show Multiple AR Accounts from Office.

Use Case: Previously, Multiple AR accounts were not supported in the Statement view in PayCloud. Now, within Club Settings and Statements, Users can set the Statement view to show Multiple AR Accounts.  

Please Note: This feature also needs to be set up in Office; option to Sync Multi AR Data to PayCloud.

Mobile View

  • Enhanced menu experience when navigating in Mobile View.

Use Case: Previously, Users would only see the top of the sub-navigation when selecting a menu item in Mobile view. Now, the full menu shows for each sub-navigation when selected on the screen in Mobile view.

  • Improved menu view for page titles that were too long for Mobile view. 

Use Case: Previously, long page titles like, Schedule a Future or Recurring Payment, would not fit the title bar on Mobile. Now, additional formatting has been added to accurately show longer page titles in Mobile view.

  • Increased functionality of predefined Filters when in Mobile view. 

Use Case: Previously, the list of Filters in Mobile view would show on top or behind the Grid or Footer, stacking incorrectly. Now, the predefined list of Filters will show above the Grid and Footers while in Mobile view.

Payments - Seamless

  • Enhanced User experience by adding ability for new setup with the Payment processor Seamless (formerly Newtek/Premier Payments).

    Use Case: Previously, PayCloud was not configured to work with the payment processor Seamless. Now, new Clients can be set up with Seamless as their payment processor. PayCloud is now able to handle account enrollment for ACH and Credit Card, make one time payments, make scheduled payments, make scheduled recurring payments, and check status of orphaned transaction.

Payments - PaySimple

  • Added functionality to import Member Data from PaySimple.

Use Case:  Previously, Clubs using PaySimple were unable to import Member data from OMP/OMS into PayCloud. Now, added functionality allows for upload of Member account information and scheduled payments into PayCloud for Clubs using PaySimple payment processor. (Reminder: this feature is already available for ETS.)

Reports - Payment History

  • Added functionality within Payment History screen to show Payment Type filter.

Use Case: Previously, the Payment History Report did not have the functionality to show the Payment Type filter. Now, the Payment Type filter will show whether a payment was categorized as a Statement, Event, Form, or Refunded payment.

Users also have the ability to use predetermined filters to show one or all of these Payment Types on the Payment History Report.

  • Added ability for Users to export the Payment History report to a TXT file to upload to their Accounting Software.

Use Case: Previously, the export options within the Payment History report were only for CSV, XML, or JSON format. Now, this added functionality allows for Users to export to TXT format directly from the report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Member Numbers merging that were synced from Office (e.g. 100-1 would merge with existing member 1001).

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent automatic Member creation if a login record existed already with that Member number. Now a dynamically generated username is created.

  • Fixed an issue with Mobile statement view where the chit data would not hide when the associated statement detail was collapsed.

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