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Website - Release Notes

Site Navigation

  • As a Club Admin, I would like to re-arrange the site navigation without contacting CE support.

    Use Case: Previously, Club Admins were unable to control their Site’s navigation, and had to contact CE Support when changes were needed.  Now, Clubs can easily hide a page (using page security), re-purpose/update a page with new content, change the page title/menu item (using page properties), and now quickly move the page in the Navigation utilizing the new Navigation Properties edit tool.  Click Edit Navigation icon to launch Navigation Properties screen.  Caution!!! Due to differences in page layouts (by design), moving pages from one level to another may create unintended inconsistencies, so ensure to use caution when re-arranging your site pages.  Also, be cognizant of pages with embedded navigations to ensure layout/formatting (after the move) is acceptable.

    In the event changes need to be undone, click on the View Change Log feature, and click Undo.