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Statistics and Reporting



The Tee Times system offers a variety of statistics and reports on who has booked a reservation, how often members or guests have visited the courses, and more.

Use Case(s):

  • Prospecting Guests
  • Marketing and Cross Marketing Events

  • Predict Member and Guest Behavior


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Statistics & Reporting.




Accessing the Tool

To access Statistics, go to the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Hover over Administration and click Statistics.



Statistics Interface

The Statistics default page will list all available reports within the Tee Times system.

This image only shows a few of the reports available

You can easily search for a report by typing the report name in the Search Bar.

Or, you can use the Filter Dropdown to sort reports by category.

Each report will also provide a short description about the report and the type of statistics that will be pulled from the report.

Report Interface

Inside each report you will be able to sort and filter data in various ways.

Use the Course Dropdown to view individual courses or to all courses.

The Datepicker will allow you to pull data from a given date range. Click Update to return results.

You can Export any reports to a PDF or Excel file to use data offline.

The Stars section will allow you to rate a particular report based on its usefulness to your club. Higher ranked reports will appear first on your default Statistics page so they’re easily accessible.


Downloadable Guide

Tee Times Reporting Statistics