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Tee Times Dashboard Overview



The Tee Times Admin Dashboard allows you to easily add, manage, move, and remove tee times directly from the admin tee sheet.

Use Case(s):

Adding, Moving, Editing, Removing, and General Tee Time Management.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Dashboard Overview.





Accessing the Tool

As an Admin, you’ll primarily be working with the Tee Times Admin Dashboard. 



The Tee Times Admin Dashboard location may vary depending on your website’s design, but is typically housed as a link in the dropdown navigation under your golf related section (IE, Golf).

Tee Times Admin Dashboard Overview

 The Admin Dashboard is where you will be managing the reservation system to: book on behalf of members, edit reservations, move tee times, or cancel bookings.

 The tee sheet will default to today’s date, but you may use the datepicker to move forward or backward in time as needed.


On the tee sheet you can view all reservations for the date selected.


Reservations will list the member associated with the booking first.

Any guests on the reservation will be listed in red and a dropdown will be beneath their name which signifies what type of guest they are.


The reservation will also list other information about the tee time like: 

    1. Transportation Type
    2. Holes Being Played
    3. Money Icon: a red icon denotes that the reservation has not yet been paid for, while a green icon shows that the round has been paid for.

A blue icon will appear next to each name, by which you can hover of this icon to view a member’s profile image, and/or additional preferences.

*NOTE: in order for a profile image to appear, members must first upload a profile image within the Directory. Additional preferences is only available with use of our CRM product.

At the bottom of the reservation block, you can view Admin Notes in blue and Member Notes in red.

Using the checkbox associated with the reservation, you can change the status of the reservation to Checked In.

Using the down arrows to the right of the reservation block, you can expand the reservation for more options.

You can remove a player from a group reservation by clicking the trashcan icon next to the player’s name.


You can also delete the entire reservation by clicking the trashcan icon next to view receipt.

View receipt will show the receipt for payment for the reservation, which will also allow you to print the receipt.

Another feature within the admin dashboard, is ‘need player’ which is when members want to play a round but need another player to join. This will then be denoted on the reservation as ‘OPEN’ so other members can join. As an admin, you can double click on this within the reservation and add an additional member to the booking.


You can move reservations, or split reservations by simply dragging and dropping entire reservations or a player on reservation on the admin dashboard.

To move an entire reservation, click within the reservation so it’s outline in black and a move icon will appear.

Hold down on your mouse and drag to a new location.



This same process will work for individuals to split reservations. This will also work to combine a player to a reservation.

We can easily edit tee times, by clicking the edit icon within the tee time to reopen the booking window.

Downloadable Guide

Tee Times Dashboard Overview Guide