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Use the Manage Delays Tool to Shift Reservations or Starts



 You can create Delays within the Tee Times system to either delay Start Times or to have Start Times earlier than normally available using the Manage Delays feature.

Use Case(s):

Manage Delays is typically used when needing to creating a short-term delay for one day, like in the case of a Frost Delay.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Managing Delays.




Accessing the Tool

To access Manage Delays, go to the Tee Times Admin Dashboard.

Click Manage Delays to access the Delay Manager.


Adding a Delay

The Delay Manager has two options: Shift Reservations and Shift Starts.



Click Shift Starts.

Using the datepicker, choose a day for the delay to occur on.

If you have more than one Course, use the Course Dropdown to choose a Course for the delay to occur on.

Next, use the Hour and Minutes Dropdown to choose how many hours and/or minutes for the delay.

    • You can go forward or backward on the delay, meaning you can have Tee Times start before  their normal occurring time or later than their normal occurring time.
    • Any reservations made during the delayed time will automatically be moved up on the Tee Sheet, meaning that if there was a booking at 8am and the delay is moves Tee Times to start at 10am, the 8am booking will now start at 10am and so forth. 

Click Shift Starts for the delay to take effect.


NOTE: The system will NOT send out a notification of the delay, so you must notify members via email, text message, or push notification (if you have the App).

Downloadable Guide

Tee Times - Manage Delays