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Website - Release Notes



Email Editor

  • Added the option to set an expiration date to public link when using the “link to page” functionality.

    Use Case: Previously, when a page link was sent (via email, Link to Page option), and was made public using the Bypass Login feature, there was no ability to expire the link.  With this new feature, enhance the security surrounding your distributed link by entering a date when users will no longer be able to access it.

Page Properties

  • Added “Menu Item Title” field to allow the user to change the display name of a page in the navigation independently from the page title.

    Use Case: In a recent release you gained the power to control your page titles/navigation.  Now, utilize the Menu Item Title to control what appears on your site’s Navigation (ei - Dining), and enhance your searchability by utilizing the Page Title field for more in depth descriptions to be read by search engines.  Click here to read more info on Google’s recommended Best Practices pertaining to page titles and meta descriptions.  Or, contact your Account Manager to learn more about Clubessential’s M3 services.

Bug Fixes

  • CMS - Login forms that exist inside a mega menu dropdown on the main nav, cannot focus on the username and password fields.

  • Event Manager - Event Billing Payment Link Issue - Payments could not be completed.

  • Member Directory - Error when attempting to access the Search function within the Member Directory module.

  • Member Directory - Increased line count on export functionality to address PGA concerns.

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