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Creating Courts Booking Notifications



All reservation systems have default email confirmations to notify users when a reservation is made, updated, or cancelled. Default reservation emails can be easily customized to add your own personal message or personal imagery or logos. These notification emails are also a great way to cross market upcoming events or to share important news.

Use Cases:

  • As an Admin, I would like my members to receive a copy of a confirmation of any changes made to their reservation(s). Members will receive customized emails when making any changes to existing reservations as well as when creating new reservations. The content of the email is fully customizable through the site editor.
  • As an Admin, I would like to brand my notification emails with a logo and cross market upcoming events at the club via confirmation emails. Admins are able to use the full resources of the editor tool by adding a personalized logo. Admins can also add flyers and/or links to cross market club events.

  • As a member, I would like to receive a confirmation email after making a reservation, changing a reservation, or cancelling a reservation. Members will receive an email notification upon the instance of any changes made to current reservations, as well as confirmations.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Creating Booking Notifications.




Accessing the Tool

From the Admin Dashboard of any Reservations system, hover over Administration. Then, hover over Notifications and choose Manage Notifications.

Please Note: The notification menu is accessible from any Reservations System. For the examples used in this guide, we are using the Tee Times dashboard. The other Reservation System notifications will use the same path and tools.


Manage Notifications

 All default notifications set up within the system will show here. Users can edit the default notifications by clicking on the Notification and choosing Edit

Please Note: Users can create additional emails to send to Members or Guests by using the Add New links as well.

The screen below will populate with options to Enable the notification, edit the Subject, edit the sent from Snippet, and edit the sent from Email.

Users will also have options to edit the HTML version, Text Only version, and SMS version. Click update notification to save the changes made within the notification.


Default messages are highly customizable using snippets. Snippets are special codes that pull in personalized member information and reservation details into the default message. Snippets are formatted with pound signs and should always be in all capital letters. The example below shows the Member Name snippet; ##MEMNAME##.

When adding your own snippets or creating a new message, users can access snippets by clicking on insert, then snippet. Users will choose Page Specific to access snippets related to reservations. Click on the snippet to insert it into the body of the email. Some sample snippets are provided below.

Send as Text Message/SMS

Below the email body you have the option of an added a text-only version of the message which is for anyone who may have opted out of HTML emails. This section will only contain plain text but you can still use snippets here to customize the message.

There is also an SMS version for any member that may have opted into receiving SMS communications from the club.

Please Note: The SMS notification is limited to only 160 characters so the message will need to brief here.


Cross Marketing

Email notifications allow the opportunity to increase your marketing power by showcasing upcoming events or maybe even a department specific sale. In the example below, the upcoming Pumpkin Carving Night event is showcased at the top of a Tee Time notification email. This ensures that all users will make some sort of contact with the event across various platforms.

Please Note: It is important to note that once you start customizing this section - you will want to ensure that you update it again once the event or sale has ended. 



Q: Do members need to sign up for text messaging or will they automatically receive notification messages?

A: For more information on how to set up Text Messaging and how to manage member accessibility, please see the Text Messaging Guide.

Best Practices

  1. The SMS notification is limited to 160 characters, the message will need to brief here.
  2. Users can create additional emails to send to Members or Guests by using the Add New links as well
  3. When using Snippets, make sure they are always capitalized and use two pound signs before and after the snippet. Example: ##MEMNAME##.

Downloadable Guide

Confirmation Emails Guide