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Billing Schedules are designed as a club specific solution to billing members their dues and other club fees associated with rentals, lockers, boat slips, etc.  The Office system can generate various frequencies of Billing Schedules including Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Yearly, and Custom schedules.  In this document, we will explain the various functionalities of a Billing Schedule, and how to create a new schedule.

Use Case 

The Club has a Member Type called Seasonal Membership, which allows a Member to join the Club for a limited number of months during the year.  The Club assigns a custom Billing Schedule to the Seasonal Membership Member Type, to ensure fees are only charged to these Seasonal Members during the months of their seasonal Membership (ie - $1,200/month from January - March).



This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Billing Schedules.

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