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    • From: Choose an email address from the list that you would like the emails in this Campaign to be sent from (if you do not see your email address on this list, please contact your CRM Support Team).
    • Subject: Enter the subject of the email. This will be seen by the recipients.
    • Content: Create the body content of the email that will be sent.
      • You can enter the content directly into this box, and format using the tools on the toolbar above.
      • Alternatively, the last icon on the right will bring up the full Axis Editor for you to edit your email with. For detailed instructions on how to use the Editor, please click here.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: The list of available snippets in the CRM is different than those available to you through the Axis Website. When adding snippets to your email in the Axis Editor, be sure to only select snippets from the “Page Specific” section of the snippet dropdown, as these are the only ones that will reference your CRM database.

    • Schedule: Select if you would like the emails in this Campaign to be sent only one time, or on a recurring basis.
    • Send At: Select the time that you wish to send the emails out (or, if you have set up a recurring email, the time for the first batch of emails to be sent).